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A Loan Won’t Solve Your Money Woes If You Don’t Fix These 10 Issues First

Sometimes even the best-prepared households get knocked sideways, financially speaking. Illness, unemployment, divorce, a car accident that triggers a lawsuit – these and other situations can quickly put a hurt on the budget. […]

Wells Fargo Personal Loans Review

Wells Fargo was founded in 1852 during the gold rush era in the Western United States. While the bank’s first real branch opened for business in San Francisco, new offices began to pop up in small towns and mining camps within the next few years. […]

Good Things, Ruts, and Transitions

I recently came across a wonderful essay by Michael Barrish entitled System. In it, he describes a model for life made up of three stages: In 1988 Laura and I created a three-stage model of what we called “living process.” We called the three stages Good Thing, Rut, and Transition. As we saw it, Good Thing becomes Rut, Rut becomes Transition, and Transition becomes Good Thing. […]

USAA Personal Loans Review

USAA Bank has been providing banking services for military members and their families since its founding in 1922. Individuals who are currently serving in the U.S. […]

Questions About Remote Employment, Shampoo, 30 Day Challenges, and More!

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in today’s reader mailbag, boiled down to summaries of five or fewer words. Click on the number to jump straight down to the question. 1. Advice on working remotely 2. Finding a frugal shampoo 3. 529 funds and uncommitted student 4. 30 day challenge difficulties 5. Making the right decision 6. Deciding on a bank 7. Deciding on fresh produce 8. […]

Financial Preparedness Scorecard: How Many Boxes Can You Check?

Many Americans are failing to meet their financial goals, and as a result are (understandably) anxious about their long-term financial security. A recent report from financial services provider Primerica found that few Americans engage in the fundamental behaviors required to lay the groundwork for “financial preparedness.” Primerica measured long-term financial preparedness of Americans using wha […]

How I Get Things Done, Personally and Professionally

I get a lot of somewhat irregular reader questions like this: What do you use to manage your to-do lists? Are you still using Todoist? And this: How do you use a pocket notebook? […]

Our Financial Reality and the Value of Financial Principles

Over the last few months, I’ve seen a great deal of criticism of various financial and frugal bloggers who have achieved financial independence of some kind, arguing that their stories of being frugal and careful with their money and the strategies they share are somehow tainted because they earned a high income. […]

No Emergency Fund? Start With Your Tax Refund

Life is full of surprises — some good and some bad. Most of us just try to ride the wave the best we can, making the most of what we have. When it comes to our financial lives though, there are steps we can take to ensure life’s “surprises” don’t throw our lives into a tailspin. […]