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Should Women Be Investing Differently Than Men?

There appears to be some debate among financial advisors about whether women need to invest any differently than men, simply because they’re women. The notion that one’s gender might factor into their investment strategy is based on various realities women face, including that, on average, women live longer than men, make less money, and typically spend fewer years in the workforce (which results […]

You Need at Least Two Credit Cards. Here’s Why.

I got mugged on my way to the first-ever Financial Blogger Conference. The thieves got my wallet, which contained a credit card and some cash. But not all of my cash, or all of my cards. After reporting the crime and calling the card issuer, I was able to get myself to the airport and fly to the conference. […]

The Road to the Fortress of Solitude

A few years ago, a movie called The Gambler came out, starring Mark Wahlberg. It was a decent movie – I’m not here to do movie reviews – but there was one portion in the middle where a minor character played by John Goodman gives a monologue about what a person should do if they find themselves up a couple of million dollars. Here’s that speech, but be aware – it’s full of adult language. […]

Doing Versus Consuming

At an earlier point in The Simple Dollar’s history, I went through a period where I reviewed a new personal finance book each week. […]

14 Frugal Failures, or When the Bottom Dollar Isn’t the Best Answer

My usual approach to any spending decision – any time that money leaves my checking account – is to make sure I’m getting the most value for the dollar. Almost every time, I’m happy with the overall outcome. I got the result I desired with close to minimal expense. There are times, though, when things don’t go quite as planned. […]

How a Simple Mortgage Refinance Saved Me From Credit Collapse

Refinancing a mortgage won’t cure all of your financial ills, but it can be a great start. I first learned about refinancing a home several years into my first stint as a homeowner. At age 25, I decided to use the money I’d managed to save from my first job as a copy editor and buy a condo. […]

My Strategy for Making Large Purchases

As I’ve mentioned before, when I’m making a purchase that clocks in at above the $20 mark or so, I tend to invest some time in that purchase to make sure I’m making the right decision. I don’t want to make a purchase that isn’t going to work for me, nor a purchase that isn’t going to work well over the long run. This process is basically the same for any significant purchase. […]

Money and Marriage: Four Tips for Successful ‘Matrimoney’

It’s a fairly well-known fact that money can be one of the biggest sources of strife in a relationship. In fact, according to a survey of professional certified divorce financial analysts, it’s the third leading cause of divorce in North America (behind basic incompatibility and infidelity, respectively). February is among the most popular months to get engaged, so there’s no better time to review […]

Tax Identity Theft: Protecting Your Credit and Finances

Tax season is here, and though you technically have until April 15 to file your returns, you might want to submit yours sooner than that — at least if you want to avoid potential identity theft (and a whole lot of hassle). Tax-related identity theft is a growing problem in America, and the more security breaches, information hacks and digital business we do as a society, the more consumers who fal […]

Building Financial Momentum When You’re Struggling to Make Ends Meet

This past weekend, I was cleaning out the closet in my office when I came across some of my old journals from the late 1990s and early 2000s. In that timeframe, I barely had any money at all. I had a minimum wage part-time job and was trying to work my way through college. […]