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Which Status Symbols Piss You Off the Most?

I hate to admit it, but I can be a real judgmental prick sometimes. Since starting this blog eons ago, my general personal finance philosophy has been this: If you can really afford it, spend it. But there are those moments where I’ll just cringe and think to myself: “God, what an ass.” My first encounter with status symbol was many years ago, back in elementary school. […]

$20 Amazon Gift Card for $10 from Living Social

Well here’s a stupidly good deal that you really can’t pass up on (especially if you’re going to buy something at Amazon in the near future). is having a nation-wide deal on a $20 Amazon gift card, 50% off for $10. The deal started a couple of hours ago and went from 50,000 takers, to 200,000 to the now incredible 740,000 sign-ups (as of time of writing). […]

I Like My Bank Because They Haven’t Screwed Me Over Yet

A couple of weeks ago, I was in San Francisco and my friends and I were heading to the delicious Volcano Curry, where you can find decent portions of Japanese-style curry being served for a relatively good price. On the way to the restaurant, I withdrew some cash from an East West Bank branch. […]

Free FICO Score: Score Watch Trial is Back (Yay!)

Whenever people ask me about getting a free FICO score, it’ll often involve a long process where I’ll explain why they will most likely have to pay for their FICO credit score. […]

Explain to Me the Concept of a $166 Pair of Jeans

Maybe I just don’t get it. Maybe I just couldn’t understand why a pair of jeans made in Thailand may be better than another pair of jeans made in Thailand. […]

“I Don’t Need To Get a Job. I Don’t Need the Money!”

As I uttered the line above to my friend, her eyes widen in disbelief. “What do you mean you don’t need money?” “Well, uh, you know,” I stammered, suddenly realized how stupid I sounded. “I make an okay amount of money on the side, I don’t think I really need a full time job right now.” She shook her head in utter annoyance. […]

Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back for Summer

If you have a Chase Freedom credit card (whether it’s a VISA or MasterCard), you’ve probably got a similar mailing in your mail box. […]

Welcome to the Age of Nickel and Dimed

A trip from San Diego to Indianapolis. As you’re about to book your flight, you stare at the computer screen, wondering what’s the best choice. You quickly searched Southwest, but the time table and seats available just didn’t match up to the meeting’s schedule. You could fly American, as you actually managed to store up some mileage through the years. […]

9 Weird Crap You Can Buy on

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a fun post (or any post for that matter). So let’s take a look at some of the weird stuff you can buy on […]

S. 3247: Fair Access to Credit Scores Act: Denied Credit? You May Get Free Credit Score in Future

Anyone that has been denied credit will remember the added-on fine print at the end of the denial letter telling you that you can receive a free credit report from a specific credit reporting agency.  Sometimes this will require you to mail in a written response to request the free credit report, sometimes it will be as simple as logging on to the reporting agency’s website and fill in a few infor […]