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5 Ways to Get Through Airport Security Faster

Airport security is the bane of travelers everywhere. What should be a matter of keeping us safe has often devolved into waiting in lines that can take hours to get through. It's easy to give up and conclude that there’s nothing you can do about it, but that’s where you’d be... […]

Join Our Tweetchat on Thursday 8/16, 12pm PST/3pm EST for a Chance to Win $300 in Prizes!

Join our Tweetchat on Thursday, 8/16 at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST for lively conversation and a chance to win a $200 gift card or one of two $50 gift cards! Use #WBChat and #AmericaValuesCollege to participate. This week's topic: How America Values College! Learn about what steps families can take to make... […]

5 Websites to Book Cheaper Travel Packages

If you think all travel booking sites are the same, and they offer indistinguishable packages at identical prices — think again. While many of them appear similar and offer comparable deals, they each have subtle differences that provide benefits. Which one is right for you will largely... […]

How to Educate Your Children About Financial Management

August 14 is National Financial Awareness Day, which presents a golden opportunity to educate your kids about financial management. Unfortunately, it's not common that financial literacy programs are offered in school curricula. In fact, according to Investopedia, only 17 states in the U.S. require... […]

Ask the Readers: How Do You Save Money When Dining Out?

Editor's Note: Congratulations to Bridgett, McKenzie, and Jennifer for winning this week's contest! If you want healthy, frugal meals, cooking at home is the way to go. But for the days when you want to treat your family to a restaurant experience (or the siren song of fast food is too alluring on... […]

A First-Timer's Guide to Using Airbnb

If you've been on the internet at all in the past five years, or have friends who travel frequently, chances are you've heard of Airbnb. But if you haven't tried it for yourself, it can seem a bit ... weird. After all, you're staying in real people's homes, and what if your hosts turn out to be ax... […]

15 Tips From People Who Paid Off an Incredible Amount of Debt

Link for teaser title:  https://www.wisebread.com/15-tips-from-people-who-paid-off-an-incredible-amount-... Inspirational and actionable tips from people who paid off six figure... […]

2-Minute Read: What You Need to Know About Cash Advances

You need cash now, but you don't get paid for a few more days. You always have the option of getting a cash advance through your credit card, but should you? Any time you use your credit card to receive cash from an ATM, it's considered a cash advance rather than a purchase, and that distinction is... […]

Why the Best Credit Card Rewards Strategy Is a Slow One

For those who rush into the credit card rewards game, the consequences can be severe and long-lasting. After all, average credit card debt per indebted household stood at $9,100 in 2017. While some of that debt is probably the result of emergency spending, it's inevitable that some of it also comes... […]

How to Tackle Your Summer Vacation Credit Card Debt

It's easy to rack up credit card debt while on summer vacation. After all, finances are probably the last thing on your mind, and you have a handy credit card in your wallet whenever you need something. You can sit back with a margarita in hand without having to look at that credit card statement... […]