Nausea Be Gone (For Less)!!

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Even the thought of nausea can make your stomach turn. And frankly, the cost of trying to soothe it can be frightening! 24 tablets can cost you close to $10 at the drug store. If they don't work, or you get the sleepies from them, it's back for another remedy. Until I found Psi (pronounced "sigh") bands, I had a drawer full of nausea meds which I spent enough money on to equal the value of a nice dinner out!

These 100% drug-free bands are the perfect solution for those of us unable or unwilling to utilize prescription anti-nausea medications and the cost that comes with them. The two moms behind Psi Bands blow away their competition by having teamed with a designer to create stylish acupressure bracelets that are adjustable, waterproof and effective. They are worn at the same time on both wrists and the "buttons" on the inside gently press upon the Nei-kuan point, the area that provides nausea relief. Thought to be most effective for motion sickness, anesthesia, chemotherapy or morning sickness (those adorable little bundles don't come without their price); however, I've personally found they work wonders for my nausea, which I experience as a side effect from medication.

I also like that they are reusable so not only do you save on price (a one time purchase of $14.99 for the set), you do a little bit to save the planet too. Packaging has just been revamped to be more compact too.

Instead of filling your bathroom drawer with a bunch of pharmaceuticals that don't work (or just put you to sleep), go straight to this affordable and oh-so-cute (and there's an oh-so-manly version for the guy in your life) solution. There are four styles in all.

Psi Bands have partnered with Fertile Hope , so for a limited time, $1 from each Cherry Blossom band will go to help this nonprofit continue to support those whose medical treatments have caused infertility.

Purchase Psi bands at or find other retailers here .

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I've used these for insanely long car rides and they've saved me many a time. Also, mine are far uglier (grey little sweatbands). I need a new set!

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I've never tried these bands, but before long car trips I take two ginger capsules. Ginger helps to calm the stomach, which I suppose helps with nausea. They're also handy for stomachaches.

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...or ginger tea, or if you don't have that on hand, a ginger beer!

Amy B. Scher's picture

You can only drink so much of it because it can have a diuretic or laxative effect (not a good thing either). I love the bands because they take no preparation - just ready to work when you need them!

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We spent 20 years as small boat cruisers. In the cruising community, candied ginger is THE preventative for sea sickness.

We handed it out to all or nervous guests, even for short trips.

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If I wanted to read advertisements, I'd read the paper. I'm now canceling my RSS to this site.

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I don't have this particular brand (though I might get a set for next time), but I found these bands wonderfully effective for nausea during morning sickness as well as general anxiety. I used them for 2 solids months in my first trimester!

Amy B. Scher's picture

It was just something I found thrifty and helpful after I was so sick for weeks in a row from my medicine and thought it could help others! Glad you don't need 'em, but unfortunately some people do or will. They are really helping chemotherapy patients.

Andrea Karim's picture

Yay, another RSS cancel! Nothing warms my heart like someone pretending to cancel their RSS feed. I think it's the same guy who keeps coming back and threatening to do that, but never seems to actually LEAVE.

My mother's friend told her to put a bandaid over her navel during boat rides to prevent sea sickness. Mom says it works, but it may be purely mental. I, too, use candied ginger. But the bands might be helpful for bus rides. Nothing seems to help my motion sickness on the bus. Thanks for the tip, Amy. 

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I have hated these things since I tried using them as a very carsick child and they failed horribly. Worst road trip ever.

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The Guest

Can I buy them just because they look cool? :D

Then again I have been feeling nauseous lately, waking up, just walking around the house, or anything really... :-/