Need a game to learn to manage your credit?

By Philip Brewer. Last updated 6 January 2010. 1 comment

Everybody learns best in their own way.  Some by reading, some by listening, some only by personal experience--and there are always a few who never learn.  But, if you're one of the ones who learns best by playing a video game--and you'd like to learn about managing your credit--you're in luck.  The Treasury has just launched a new multi-media campaign that includes just such a game.

I find it hard to imagine that Control Your Credit will be the ideal tool for very many people, but it's kind of cute--and you don't have to play the game if you don't want to.  You can hear about, read about, and watch videos about managing your credit.  You can find out about your credit history, credit reports, credit counseling, your rights under the fair debt collection practices act, debt collection agencies, bankruptcy (chapter 7 and chapter 13--and bankruptcy alternatives), your credit score, etc.  There are also some little calculators for budgeting, debt pay-off schedules, and the actual cost of items bought on credit.

Among other things, there are some public service ads (both TV and radio) with cautionary messages warning about some of the ill effects of bad credit.  They're pretty well done.

Probably not the perfect tool for very many people.  But, if it's the perfect tool for you, well--here it is:  Control Your Credit.

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