Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 locator

Running around frantically searching for the Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation3? Save yourself some time and hassle by checking out XPBargain's Nintendo Wii locator first. They also have a Sony PS3 locator.

These two pages are an invaluable resource for folks looking to pick up one of the season's hot new video game consoles. The list currently says both PS3s and Wiis are sold-out everywhere... but keep watching those pages. Just today, they posted news of Wiis available at Sam's Club, but they sold out within an hour both times.

To help you stay on top of the trackers, XP Bargains can send a pop-up alert to your PC when the trackers update.

Finally, if you reeeally need to pick up a Wii or PS3 this season, you can always join fellow procrastinators by searching on eBay.

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Found these by they guy who does my favorite bargain site:

And finally, a Tickle-Me-Elmo or TMX Elmo tracker. Really? People still want them and can't find them?

All sites offer a RSS feed, too, and they all check eBay as well.

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The best Wii Finder page by far is

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I was on the lookout for a Wii, and after getting sick of running around stores, found out about this free site on fatwallet forums.

The cell alerts are incredibly useful, and I was easily able to buy a Wii at Amazon. Saved on tax and shipping too.

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Success! Found a Wii for my son for $249.99 2 days after I registered. I'm a fan!

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In search of wii
My search started in mid-october when my 10 year old son asked for a wii for Christmas. I knew from the start that I had to find him one because of the connection with my name. You see, my name is William Isaac Ishman with my initials being WII and my sons name being William Isaac Ishman the 2nd, WII 2. As a matter of fact my wife refers to us as wii 1 and wii 2. Every weekend in October and November my time was spent searching all stores in the city I live in, including walmart,toys r us, best buy,circuit city,comp USA and many others with no results. I spent hours standing in lines and even witnessed a fight in best buy, when two elderly men reached for the last wii. When December arrived I was about to tell my son that their would probably be no wii for Christmas this year, but first I wanted to give the online stores a try. I check all of the big box stores, always with the same results"out of stock". I ended up checking a couple of the wii tracker sites, and their it was at "in stock". Amazon was selling the wii for $250.00 that morning. I immediately went to their sit and puchased one.It was worth every penny just to see the look on my sons (wii 2) face Christmas morning. The wii trackers had really done the job for me.

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Success! Found a Wii for my son for $249.99 2 days after I registered. I'm a fan!