To: The Decider: Let Gmail Solve Your Document Retention Problems

According to the White House spokesman Scott Stanzel, the White House lost crucial e-mails because:

"logistical difficulties associated with operating two e-mail accounts at one time, some staff members used their political e-mail accounts to communicate about official White House business." Source: ABC News

Because I'm such a big fan of this administration, I would like to introduce them to a little-known startup company called Google. They have this nifty multiple e-mail account function in their e-mail software that allows you to easily track all your various e-mail accounts:

dick cheney email

Of course, multiple accounts wasn't the only problem:

While the RNC has an automatic deletion policy, which typically deletes emails every 30 days, a policy had been set since 2004 to exclude the individuals at the White House staff from this automatic deletion. However, despite the exclusion, the White House said tonight that it has discovered that the RNC retention practices may not "at all times have preserved" the e-mails that potentially deal with White House business. Source: ABC News

Google is giving away 2.8 gigs worth of space (and counting), so I think even the cash-strapped RNC can afford to keep their e-mail on the server a bit longer.

I'm sure this will help prevent any accidental deletions in the future. I have faith that our government will never abuse document retention policy for political purposes:

The scientific community of the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) is in a state of turmoil.

An elite cadre of politically appointed managers is forcing the scientific staff to produce results consistent solely with the conservative agenda of the current Republican administration. An internal memo, issued last spring, tells employees to destroy research records that are not in harmony with administrative decisions....

The memo instituting the Document Retention Policy, issued by the OEHHA, directed employees to destroy files that were in disagreement with management¹s political views. In addition, the memo required that scientists working on projects not discuss their findings until management had "reviewed" their work. Under the new policy, all memos and preliminary findings must pass before censors prior to being sent elsewhere. 

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