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Yesterday I received an email from my friend Retirement Hobo inviting me to join NotchUp . I was sitting there thinking, "oh no, not another social network!" Then I read the email in detail and it sounded quite interesting. Apparently NotchUp is a service that finds companies that would pay you to interview you. You can create a profile, set your price, and then wait for an offer. Sounds too good to be true? Even though I have no intention to look for a job now, I decided to sign in and see what it is all about.

First of all, NotchUp is in beta right now so only those with invitations or approved applications can sign up. The site is also painfully slow since its launch on January 28. When I signed up it prompted me to set my interview price. On the side it had a little form you could fill out for NotchUp to estimate a price to set. The form asks for your industry, position, and salary information and then spits out a number. It seems to give a higher valuation to those who have been at their current position for a good amount of time. This is probably to penalize job hopping. It suggested that I charge $290 per interview, but I just set it to $500 since I am just trying it out for fun. Then it asked which companies you would like to block from seeing your profile and whether you want recruiters to see your profile or not. Finally you can create your profile or resume. There was an option to import your profile from LinkedIn so I did just that and my profile was up and running in two seconds.

The site's layout currently looks like a clone of LinkedIn, and even the logo is quite similar. However I do not think the two companies are related other than that you can import your LinkedIn profile. You can edit your profile with links next to each position you have had and there is tab browsing for other options. There is also a little section for stats and feedback. The feedback box seems to indicate that the companies that interviewed you can rate you on whether you took the interview seriously and if your profile is accurate. Your payment is related to the feedback and if you are not a serious candidate the interviewer could choose not to pay you.

It may make no sense that companies would pay to just talk to someone, but in reality companies spend tens of thousands of dollars to recruit the people they want from competitors. It is really great that job seekers can now get a piece of the action usually reserved for recruiters. NotchUp is a good idea for companies who want those people who are not really looking for jobs actively. Only time will tell how this concept will work out, but the business model is that NotchUp is a middleman that charges a percentage of the interview fee you receive. So far quite a few big name companies including Google and Facebook have signed up with NotchUp to interview candidates. I think NotchUp has a brilliant idea that could entice candidates who would otherwise not bother with interviews to speak to a potential employer. I am not sure how the ratings system would work out since the site is so new, but it is pretty painless to set up a profile and it could net you a brand new job or just a few hundred dollars for your time to interview. If an interview is only a couple hours and you can be paid $200 to $300 then it is a very good deal. A possible negative effect of NotchUp is that we may see people set up fake resumes that are extremely attractive just to bag interviews, and then they would not care if they fail because they may still be paid.

If you want an invitation to NotchUp from me please send a private message with your name and email to me in the forums and I would get a 10% referral fee for each successful interview you complete in the first year of your enrollment. I will keep your information strictly confidential. Once you are signed up you can also refer the best people you know who are stuck in jobs they may not be totally thrilled with and possibly receive a referral fee.


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I sent my application to them and they rejected it, I am a 16 year veteran in IT working in many major IT positions. I dont know who they are looking for - but they must be IT freaks.

Whats made me mad is that they have my Resume data and I cant log back in to delete my profile - I have no idea what they did with my data and where its stored.

They allowed me access to login - upload my details and then promptly deleted my account without my approval.

I think its abit rich that they can suck out data from linkedin and populate their own site.

I would stay away from these guys - I am not at all impressed how they treat people and their data.

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Xin Lu

That's interesting.  I am not familiar with the application process, but I will write an email to them and see what they are doing with your data.

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Xin Lu, did you bother to take a look at their Terms of Service?

I urge you to do so, and to compare it to that of LinkedIn's.

I think you may be giving up more than you're getting.

Read more:

Also, compare their site design to that of

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Xin Lu

To commenter #1.  I wrote an email to about your situation. Rob Ellis is one of the founders.  Here's his reply:

 Hey Xin,

Thanks for getting in touch.  I checked out the blog post - great

We delete all rejected applications we receive within 45 days.  The
commentor couldn't login because unless his application was accepted,
he doesn't have an account to delete - all that he has is a resume
he's submitted.  Just a quick note - up until a few days ago, we
weren't setup to handle users outside of the United States, so if he
had 16 years of experience and was a great candidate, he may have
been rejected because the system wasn't able to handle him at the
time (it now is).  We'll put this on our list as action item - handle
rejected users better.

Keep in touch!


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