Now is the time to buy: Easter Supplies


I was shopping for some paintbrushes* yesterday at one of my favorite arts-n-craft supply stores, and lo and behold, Easter supplies were still in stock- but discounted to really low prices.

Craft stores are a great place to stock up, because they carry such a range of goodies and decorations. Wreaths made from (faux) eggs, which were priced at $29 before Easter are now $9 each at my JoAnn's fabrics.

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to go get a good deal on Easter baskets, plastic eggs, and more bunny decorations that you can possibly fathom. Just throw them all in that big bin marked "Easter" and put 'em away until next year. When you open the box in 2008, you'll be delighted that you had the foresight to get out and buy stuff cheap, so all you'll need is some fresh jellybeans, some Peeps, and maybe a poor, defensely chocolate bunny or two.

(Picture by blueskygirl)

*Thank you, Paul, for pointing out that a paintbrush without a 't' is, in fact, a painbrush.

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Paul Michael's picture

...but what exactly is a PAINBRUSH and why were you shopping for one? Is it anything to do with flogging people who leave sarcastic comments?

Andrea Karim's picture

Ssh. Don't want to scare away dumb commentators. Bring them on.