Marketplace & NYT Want to Interview Financial Consultants in Their 70s

Do you know someone who is an active or retired personal financial consultant in their 70s? If you know someone who fits the description, please leave a comment below (don't forget your email address) and I'll forward your info to the show's producers. The deadline is this Wednesday, 3/9.

The interview will be for a new Marketplace and New York Times joint series called Money Through the Ages. The series will tell stories about financial issues as they play out throughout different decades of life. How do things look in your 20s as you get your first job and try to pay off your student loan? During your 30s how will you navigate the mid-career years and deal with a growing family? What's it like in your 70s, living on a fixed-income and little time to change financial directions?

Each story segment will feature one person from a specific age group (from teenagers to someone in their 90s). That person will be paired with a financial expert of the same age group to help them organize their financial lives.

The stories will be released as NYT articles and Marketplace radio segments on the weekend of March 25th.

This sounds like a wonderful series. Wise Bread's very own Kelly Whalen was interviewed by Marketplace earlier this year. It was a great experience. So when the Marketplace producers contacted us about this opportunity we knew we wanted to share it with our readers. Please note they are only looking for a personal financial consultant in their 70s (they have already found the subjects for the other age groups). If you can help out please leave a comment.

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