On Cyber Monday, Don't Miss a Single Coupon Code


I hate losing my momentum when shopping online. Too many times, I take the time to research and locate the exact item I want, only to be sidetracked when getting my credit card or some other annoying step along the way.

One of those annoying sidetrackers is the search for coupon codes. Thanks to Jessica Okon's post, I knew RetailMeNot.com was a good place to search for them. But I still hated having to remember to visit the site before completing a transaction. And I hated forgetting to search for a coupon even more.

Now I don't have to remember. I downloaded Retailmenot's Firefox add-on, and now it whenever I'm visiting a site with an available coupon, it tells me. For instance, I just visited OneStepAhead.com, and a little gray bar appeared a the top of the screen telling me that 43 coupons are listed for the site, the top one being a 15 percent off deal that expires Friday.

If you don't have Firefox, you can still get in on some gadget action from RetailMeNot. They have a "bookmarklet" that is supposed to do something similar to the Firefox gadget, but I couldn't get it to work with Explorer. They also have gadgets for Google and Mac desktops.

And as an added benefit, if you're looking for frugal ways to help those less fortunate, for every gadget installed, RetailMeNot is donating a goat, calf, piglet, chicken or donkey through Oxfam Unwrapped.

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I love plugins for my browser that helps me find deals. I am glad you came across this one, I shop online some times, but as a very frugal type of person I use a lot of offline coupons to get free or very cheap stuff. Great post!

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Retail me not is okay, but very often their coupon codes are no good. They leave it up to the people to vote on the code and since the codes typically expire, it will eventually lead to a skewing of the voting. Anyway, Savings.com says they check their coupon codes every few days to ensure they are still working. They also allow their visitors to report when the codes go bad. Just thought I'd post my two cents! Happy shopping!