One-Day Sale on MoneySavingMom's E-Books

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MoneySavingMom, aka Crystal Paine, is a frugal blogger I read and quote a lot here. What can I say? She's really good at shopping for groceries and lining up the CVS deals.

I've never given a second look at the e-books and e-courses she sells, though, because I figured that there is plenty of information about how to save money available for free online. On fine sites like this one, and of course on her own site. (Yeah, that's an affiliate link. Jealous?)

Today, though, I'm buying ALL 15 e-books, audio workshops, e-courses and whatever-they-are that she sells. I'm willing to go for broke here because, today (July 30, 2008) only, she's selling the whole ball of wax for $5.97. That's $5.97 for all 15 e-books, which normally range from a few dollars to more than $15. The price goes up $3 for each of the next two days, and then the sale is over.

Now, some of these titles I would never crack open, except maybe in extreme irony. Ms. Paine is a Christian and a homeschool graduate, and many of her works promise to expound on the themes of traditional femininity. The audio workshop "What to Do While Waiting for Prince Charming: Encouraging Young Women and Their Parents in the Incredible Potential and Possibilities for Unmarried Women" promises alternatives to "careerism, consumerism, humanism, and feminism" and strikes me as particularly ripe for mockery by heathens like me.

But I kid because I love. I'm always impressed with Money Saving Mom's ability to power grocery shop and come in at under $40 every single week. So I will definitely be reading her "Supermarket Savings 101" e-course, and I will at least scroll through her books of "centsible" recipes.

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Thanks so much for the heads-up. I missed the sale, but I'll definately keep my eye on money saving mom!