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Some of the fondest shopping memories of my childhood involve outlet malls. The sheer number of stores managed to be exciting, enticing and overwhelming, all at the same time. I remember shopping all the live-long day with my mom, going to store after store, taking trips to the car because we had too much to carry. When they built one less than half an hour from our front door, we were in heaven. I have been to that mall so many times over the years that I know where my favorite stores are and what the most efficient order to hit them is (even though it's in Colorado and I'm in LA).

Now that I live far, far away from any outlet malls (well, at least an hour), I do most of my outlet shopping online. Here are a few of the best:

Land's End Overstocks

Good selection of their general merchandise. Often 1-3 seasons behind.

Eddie Bauer Outlet

Decent selection. Other sites have steeper discounts, but not the EB quality.

Sierra Trading Post

Lots of outdoor brands, and searchable by brand name. Often has seemingly random items.

JC Penney Outlet

Consistent selection, good prices. What you'd get in the store, only less expensive.

Crate and Barrel

Good price cutbacks. You can tell why they didn't sell many of the items the first time, but it's a good place to treasure hunt.


Great for that hiking/camping/backpacking trip you're planning this summer.


If you like their stuff, this is a great place to find it for (sometimes) a lot less.


Small selection, good pricing.


Prices could be cut back even more, but this site offers good deals on their gear.

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Guest's picture

I had forgotten about Crate and Barrel Outlet, I used to visit regularly.

Now I have $300.00 in items I just couldn't live with out.

Great Article!

Will Chen's picture

I've purchased shirts from them before and their quality is excellent. Thanks for the tip on the other stores!

"Now I have $300.00 in items I just couldn't live with out"

I know how you feel, unfortunately.  =)