Open group write - regional events and things to do for under $5

By Lynn Truong on 28 July 2008 19 comments
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Open call

This will the be first in our new series of open group writes.  It's a chance to showcase great bloggers in the Wise Bread community and provide more resources for our readers.  To participate, write a post on the designated topic and send us your link.  We'll post an article with links to all qualified submissions in a few weeks. If you don't have your own blog, post it in this forum thread, and we'll link to your forum post.

The topic

Share a list of the best events and activities to do in your city for under $5.  Keep it region specific -- please don't say "go to the closest park."  And keep at least most of your list relevant for an unlimited time.  Try not to include too many soon-to-expire events or activities (annual events on the other hand are great to include).  We want this list to still be useful and relevant long after it's been posted.

The rules

We accept articles written in the past, as long as it's still relevant. 

It needs to include several activities, not just a review of one.

The article must be region specific.  An article on "The top 10 things to do in the US" will not be included. 

Submitting your link does not guarantee its inclusion on the final post.  We will only include relevant and useful articles.

Links need to be submitted by August 29. 

Submission Requirements


City/State the article pertains to

Permalink to article

Submit the links to  Please put "Group Write: $5 Fun" as the subject of the email.


Thanks to all those who particpated!  Here is our ultimate list of $5 fun. Please continue to keep it relevant by sending new links!

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Is it fair to assume that transportation to the area you are spotlighting is not included? More specifically, I am writing about an area reachable by public transit. Does the transit cost count as part of the under $5 limit if I mention what train to take?


Lynn Truong's picture

Hi Destabee. You don't need to include transportation costs to the area. Thanks, and I look forward to your post.

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...but I'd love to take part. Can I just submit an article straight to WiseBread

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K. P.

I don't see why you can't just make one of or .

Lynn Truong's picture

Lindsey -- we will have a thread in our forums announcing this group write. If you post your article in our forums, we can link to it from the group post. Thanks!

Guest's picture

Is this for US cities only?

Lynn Truong's picture

Beth -- nope, this is not limited to US cities!

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I've wanted to do this for a while. This is good motivation to get it done. I'll send my contribution soon.

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I just posted a quick post about Governor's Island in NYC. Its a great day trip for anyone in the area. You can get there by public transportation and there is a good deal to do there if you like the relaxing type atmosphere.

You can find my post here

How do I get this added to the group write? How do I know if I qualify?

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What a neat idea - the final post will end up being a great budget travel resource!

Guest's picture

Will the group write be just links to other posts or will it be a conglamaration of original posts?


Lynn Truong's picture

@FrugalNYC: I'll add the link to our submissions and we'll let you know if it'll be included

@Suz: It will be a page of links to other posts, putting all the articles onto one page would be difficult to navigate. We want to help point people to other sources to find what they're looking for.

Guest's picture

Looking forward to seeing the completed list.

Guest's picture

Not trying to be a b*&$h, but don't regular WiseBread writers get paid for their articles? What is the incentive for us to submit an article when WiseBread is probably generating tons of ad revenue? Yes, I know, warm fuzzies that we are sharing our knowledge with our WiseBread community. But still....

Julie Rains's picture

Some people enjoy being part of a community and offering hospitality (and tips to others); these people may add thoughtful, useful comments to Wise Bread or post reviews on, contribute Wikipedia articles, and offer travel tips on and no money is exchanged. For the pure or semi-capitalist, having a post published may be resume-enhancing or the resulting link to your blog or website may generate traffic. I look forward to learning about cool things to do all over the US and world.

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What a great idea! I wrote a quick post on my own favorite things to do in my city, here is my article:
Allegheny National Forest

Guest's picture

Great idea. I want to participate. It would like more information. Thank you.

Guest's picture

Hi, Just curious -- when will the group write be published?
thanks! :)

Lynn Truong's picture

Hi Kat -- Sorry for the delay. I'm working on putting the post up in the next few days!