Organized tips on getting through tough times

If you like Wise Bread for all the tips and suggestions, here's another resource full of much the same kind of information, but organized differently. Instead of a blog, it's a bunch of static pages with information organized so that it's convenient to read through it, or to use as a reference.

The University of Illinois Extension has a whole site on Getting Through Tough Financial Times.

Under general categories, such as "Managing Your Finances" and "Taking Control of Spending," they provide pages and pages of useful information.

Of course, it lacks the edginess and pizazz of Wise Bread--their focus is on getting though, rather than on living large--but there's still some good stuff in there. Check it out.

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Aunt Jenny

Great post Philip! It's nice to see an article about the wonderful U of I extension programs. As an Illinois resident, I have become familiar over the years with their nutrition programs and their horticulture/master gardener programs. They have nutritionists and master gardeners who give excellent presentations to groups through out the state on a variety of topics. I'm pleased to see that they also have financial programs too.

This is a good site/program to check out, non Illinois residents included.

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Nice guy there!

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Thanks for the post. Very thorough. I wish our state had something like it. The seminars look wonderful.

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I wonder if practical skills like this should really be taught in schools. I think practical skills really need to be a focus of the education system.

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I too think that practical skills should be taught to those coming up in the world. Thanks for the additional resources. I know there are a lot of people not only struggling to make ends meet but to also understand what they can do to help themselves..since so many have learned they can only rely on themselves and those close to them.