Our Lovely Lady Links

It's time once again for our linky love-fest.

Jessica's post about security briefs got a lot of people thinking about where to stash their cash.

Will caught the eye of It's Electric with his post about your chances of getting audited by the IRS.

Paul is generally making an international splash. He's got Hebrew language sites linking his post about Hustling Drinks. Spanish language blogs like his car dent removal post, which we think is muy bueno as well. I'm personally excited to know that "dents" in Espanol is abolladuras. Oh, and Romulo Lopez also linked to the dent removal post. Then the Japanese got in on it. Hell, he got Kole's Queeste paying attention in what we THINK is Dutch. English language blogs, of course, got the story going to begin with. So, thank you. Muchas gracias. Dank u wel. Arigato gozaimasu.

The Carnival of the Vanities, hosted by Silflay Hraka linked to Paul's post about free boob implants.

The kosher food carnival, hosted by Baleboosteh linked my story about peanut sauce. Alternative News Sources, as well as Look At This, linked to my bottled water series. So did Paul Fallavollita. Mike Barer of Maple Valley, WA, linked to my easy French recipe. Revka at The Porch Light was nice enough to link to the peanut sauce recipe, even though it didn't technically fall under the Italian theme of the Carnival of Recipes.

Snowdryad called us sensible! That's what we like to hear!

Thanks to everyone who linked us - we couldn't possibly manage to thank every blog that linked because we got so much link love this week that we are overwhelmed! If, however, you feel like we've missed your link to us, in some kind of egregious oversight, please do let us know.

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I just tried your Continue reading "Our Lovely Lady Links" and the link goes into outer space.

I love the idea of Our Lovely Lady Links!!

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It was all Greg's fault.

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I like that title.  Can we call you that from now on Andrea? 

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Just don't call me late for dinner.