Our Senior Editor Is Moving On: A Goodbye From Meg

Readers — after almost four years with Wise Bread, I’m moving on. My last day as senior editor of this site is this Friday, July 25. The change is bittersweet, as all good job moves should be. It’s been a delight to work with Wise Bread’s writers and staff, and to interact with you, the wonderful readers. For all of the knowledge I brought to the job, I’ve learned so much more about smart financial moves than I ever thought I could — and much of it from you. You’re an inspiring, ingenious bunch, and I’ll miss you.

I’ll still be around Wise Bread as a reader, and you might even see me pop back in as a writer occasionally. But starting next week, I’ll be working on a new food website that’s launching this fall. As some of you already know, in addition to writing about frugality, I also love writing about food (I even wrote a comfort food cookbook, Little Old Lady Recipes), and this opportunity was just too good to pass up. If you want to follow what I’m up to, you can always visit me at megfavreau.com  I post all of my writing, recipes, comedy (did you know I also do sketch comedy?), and other goings-on there. I'm also @megfavreau on Twitter.

Here’s my goodbye message to you  keep learning, and keep working. I still stand by my one favorite frugal living tip I wrote about over three years ago  don’t give up. In your journey to financial independence, you will have setbacks, and you will make decisions that you wish you didn’t. But these things won’t ruin your life or your finances (even if it feels like they will at the time). The only thing that can really ruin you is giving up on yourself.

So don’t.

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Guest's picture
Scott Dempsey

Hi Meg,

Good luck w the new gig!!

You have made WB a fantastic site.


Meg Favreau's picture

Thanks so much, Scott!

Lars Peterson's picture

This truly is a bittersweet day. Congratulations on the new gig!

I've looked forward to seeing your name pop-up in the staff Skype chat window every working day over the past couple of years that we've worked together. Just knowing you were on the other side of the window to answer a quick query, or to share a fun link or story idea, or to commiserate about a grammar goof I'd missed and let go live was comforting. Meg's here. Everything's fine.

The integrity and grit you demonstrated every day -- even in the small things that are sometimes let go when one is tired, even in the tasks we are sometimes loathe to do -- pushed me to up my standards to match (I'm still reaching). I've grown as an editor and a writer the past couple of years -- and most of that is due to the professional example you provided. The workday won't be the same without you.

Goodbye and good luck and fingers crossed that our professional paths cross again.


Meg Favreau's picture

Lars, you're going to make me tear up! You're smart, sharp, and such a delight to work with. It's been such a pleasure, and yes -- I hope our professional paths cross again too.

Guest's picture

Congrats on the new gig, Meg! And thanks for introducing me to WiseBread. I still think it's awesome that I knew you from "real life" first, and then went on to know you in PF circles.

Your writing, anywhere, is great stuff. And you're one damn funny woman. Hope to see your stuff here every so often!

Meg Favreau's picture

Thanks, Kristin! And I'm going to send all of those compliments right back to you -- you're super funny and smart, and your personal finance pieces are some of my favorites out there. See you around the Internet... or maybe face-to-face. MAYBE.

Ashley Jacobs's picture

You are going to be so missed Meg (you've been at Wise Bread longer than me so it's going to be totally bizarre not having you on the team anymore)! I know you are going to do great things at the new site, they are lucky to have you. It has been wonderful working with you! Wishing you all the best!

Damian Davila's picture

Best of luck Meg, it was a pleasure working with you!