Over 7 million money-making ideas - Google Patents


Ever dreamed of patenting a great idea that could make you a fortune? The Pet Rock maybe? Or the Jump To Conclusions mat? Well, you'll find even more crazy ideas using Google Patent Search , or even better, submit one of your own.

I've only been buzzing around on Google's patent search engine for a few minutes, but I have already found some very unusual and unique inventions. For the sake of Wisebread readers, I thought I'd look for inventions about saving money, time and hassle. I found thousands. Here are just a few of my favorites.


1: The Compartmented Piggy Bank


2: A space-saver pizza box (nice)


3: A wine & spirits carry-out package


4: A briefcase that converts into a table


5: A split-ends remover (not much use for me, I shave my head)

I'm sure you'll have something more specific in mind when you're looking around. Maybe it will inspire you to invent something of your own, and file a patent. With over 7 million already out there, you've got some competition. But who knows, maybe your idea will be the next iPod. Go for it.

Oh, and speaking of inventions, check this one out. A fridge that throws you a beer. Nice.

Beer Fridge Launcher - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

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Andrea Karim's picture

If only I had the motor skills to catch a launched beer without putting my own eye out.

Jessica Okon's picture

That split ends remover was made. Not only have a seen an infomercial,but I saw one in Big Lots!

Meanwhile, I'd love that piggy bank.

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