Papa John’s Offers 23-cent Pizzas to Cleveland Cavs Fans

Did Papa John’s go overboard with its T-shirts calling Lebron James a “Crybaby?” Regardless of how you feel about it, this cheap price on pizza might help to make amends. Check out more on this Thursday’s promotion!

The Associated Press recently reported that Papa John’s newest (and unadvertised) pizza promotion was inspired by an apology to Lebron James, who was reportedly insulted by a recent T-shirt made by the popular pizza chain. The shirts, which featured the number 23 (Lebron’s number) and the word “crybaby,” were worn during a game against the Washington Wizards. (A comment from Wizards’ center Brendan Haywood prompted the “crybaby” catch word.)

We all know that you just can’t throw around a big, bad word like “crybaby” and get away with it. To prove the point, Papa John’s is offering a large, one-topping pizza to Cleveland residents for only 23 cents (this Thursday only.) The best part of the public apology to Lebron and his fanbase – a $10,000 donation to the Cavaliers Youth Fund – should also help to smooth things over with the Cleveland crowd.

Just when we thought our own Paul Michael was getting a good return on his bad investment at another Papa we know, good ol’ Papa John’s gives Cleveland a reason to celebrate. And while we don’t have pro basketball here where I live, my number in high school was 03, and I really hate being called “cheap.” You hear that, Olive Garden?!?!


UPDATE:  According to WKYC , this offer has been expanded to include some stores in NE Ohio (Toledo and Youngstown):   

Papa Johns "will provide one large, one-topping pizza for carry-out/pick-up only, for customers. No on-line orders are included in this offer.

The 50 shops, including the ones in Akron, Barberton, Cleveland, Massillon, Toledo, Youngstown, Hudson, Wadsworth, Kent, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Euclid, Mentor, Barberton, Alliance, Macedonia, Shaker Heights, and Lakewood, will honor the 23-cent deal. The stores open at 11 a.m. and customers can call or come in to a shop to get the deal. However, no home delivery or on-line orders of the special "apology" pizzas will be made on Thursday.

The 23-cent deal is limited to one per household or one per person and all proceeds from the 23-cent pizzas are going to the LeBron James Family Fund and the Cavaliers Youth Fund."

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very interesting. does it include garlic sauce or ranch?

Xin Lu's picture
Xin Lu

oh man..i should forward this to my friend who is going to school in cleveland

Linsey Knerl's picture

I'd eat a hunk of lumber dipped in that garlic sauce... YUM....

Guest's picture

Cleveland fans are lucky to have Papa Johns.

Guest's picture

I wish I still lived in my hometown near Cleveland but alas, nobody wanted to hire me =/

I'm definitely going to tell my sister about this though, as she's living in Cleveland and finishing up school.

And yummmmmm garlic butter.

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Grr...some of us were born and raised in Cleveland and had to move to find an actual job. Papa Johns should make this nationwide, since Cavs fans are all over. Just because I don't live in the rust belt anymore doesn't mean I wasn't offended by the whole of the Wizards' antics against LeBron ;-) Some of the Washington players are sorely lacking in gamesmanship, a critical ROLE MODELING skill. And I live in the DC region too. I'm ashamed. Wizards SUCK! And I want my pizza, Papa!

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As a Cleveland Resident, and a Cleveland Indians fan who is STILL offended by LeBoob showing up at a Cleveland Indians vs NY Yankees playoff game last year wearing a NY Yankees cap, sitting in general seating, asking for special treatment from the Indians management, and "being at the game to "represent" for my team (the New York Yankees)" I am still waiting for LeBron to apologize for insulting the town that pays him millions of dollars to throw a ball into a hoop.

Too bad that Lebron doesn't have as much class as the local pizza joint. Good for the people of Cleveland and the charities that will benefit. And good for Papa John's for owning their mistakes.

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I really wish I lived in cleaveland right now. I get papa john's pizza all the time. Love that stuff.

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Forget Lebron he dont deserve an apology like that sooooo what his feeling might have gotten hurt sooo what thats life deal with it, thats his problem now he thinks he is superior because he got an opportunity of a lifetime to get paid to throw a ball in a hoop for millions of dollars sooooo what Lebron.

Guest's picture

We checked it out and it took 2.5 hours to get a pizza! In the end, not sure if it was really worth it, but we had a blast!

Click here for images.

Linsey Knerl's picture

This was a good move on Papa's part.  I wonder how many of those folks also bought soda, breadsticks, etc....  Brilliant!

Linsey Knerl's picture

Checked your blog.  Thanks for the pics!  Looked like a great way to spend a Thursday!