Pay 1 cent, get a RAZR and $100. Seriously!


RAZR phone

As a dealhunter, I've seen a few offers that have defied reason. Here's another one.

Drop by Amazon at this link and pick yourself up a nice new Motorola cell phone for the grand total of $0.01. Not a bad deal. But it get's better. You also qualify for a $100 rebate. Which means you get a spanky new phone and around $100 cash, all for buying something you want anyway.

Of course, you'll have to commit to a Cingular service plan, but if you're already on a service plan anyway, no biggie. And as Cingular has excellent covearge it's a service plan with one of the best providers out there. Now, if only I can get the same kind of deal on my next house. I doubt they'd ever do $250,000 rebates any time soon though. Shame.

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Tannaz Sassooni's picture

You can also get the PEBL, whose design I prefer, with a T-mobile plan and one cent, with a 75-dollar rebate, which I'm in the process of doing as we speak. Just looking for a friend who wants to buy something for 25 bucks from amazon, so that we don't have to pay shipping.

Will Chen's picture

That is a good deal.  When I got my Razr I had to pay $50 for it (on Cingular's 2-year plan).

The phone is very stylish and people often compliment its looks.  But the voice quality isn't that fantastic so I highly recommend getting a ear piece.

Guest's picture

Only problem is that Verizon has the best range in mountainous areas! Or US for that. I can get service where other companies can't. No. I don't get a kickback on my bill! And I just verified this with Billshrink!