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Adam Baker

Adam Baker, or just Baker, blogs over at Man Vs. Debt.

Baker has a wide variety of what he likes to call "experience". He's studied both Aeronautical Engineering and Business, although finished neither. He's traveled the country playing video games and poker, although not at the same time. He launched a property management company from scratch and has bought, managed, and sold multi-unit apartment buildings. He's been a stay-at-home dad and prepared income taxes for individuals and business. He blogs about all this so-called "experience" over at Man Vs. Debt!

Adam Baker, or just Baker, is a father, husband, traveler, blogger, and overall personal finance freak. Baker and his wife recently sold all of their possessions to relocate overseas with their 14-month-old daughter. They have the goal od not only "getting out of debt", but also "getting into life". You can get more juicy details over at Man Vs. Debt or by following @ManVsDebt.