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Amy B. Scher

I love to write, read and literally stop to smell the roses.

I've always marched to the beat of my own drum, shopping at thrift stores, buying clearance items and deal hunting. So, I'm not sure I have any formal experience, but living it is worth more sometimes. I started off in the insurance industry as a managing editor for a major online company early in my career, soon progressing (depending on who you ask) to the world of politics at a newspaper. I also drudged my way through a short stint as a marketing manager for Harley-Davidson before becoming disabled by a chronic illness and finding my true calling. Writing comes almost as naturally as breathing to me. And I love to write about things that help people save just a little bit of the green stuff along the way; whether that be self-help instead of paying a professional, or learning to negotiate a killer deal. Does that count as experience?

A southern California girl (but not the bratty kind), I switch off between two pairs of shoes (uggs and flip flops), love to play in the mud when I garden, and always cook for an army even though I am only feeding two. I believe kindness is the most important quality in a person; and am one of those people who really does stop to smell the roses while walking down the street.

Now healthy after a chronic illness, I am continuing to write (my first true love) and also lucky enough to be fulfilling my other calling as an energy therapy practitioner for emotional healing. I am doing what I love and something bigger than I ever imagined. Hooray for the road less traveled. It turns out it has all the best stuff on it.

My first book, This Is How I Save My Life: A True Story of Embryonic Stem Cells, Indian Adventures, and Ultimate Self-Healing is now available wherever books are sold.