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I love sharing daily money tips for a better life at

When I asked my grandparents for shares of Wal-Mart stock for birthday and Christmas presents in elementary school I should have already known I was addicted to the pursuit of wealth accumulation. 

Maybe my next clue should have been that my favorite games were ones that involved money, like Monopoly and The Game of Life.  I guess when I started buying shares of mutual funds in high school instead of going shopping or saving for a car it became official that I had money on the brain.

Growing up as an Army brat I was fortunate enough to see a lot of the world by the time I was 18; so after college I was content to settle down in the Midwest with the love of my life and dig into my career as a software engineer.

Now that I'm a dad, home owner, career software guy, and personal finance blogger I don't have much time to go off travelling the world but I have plenty of reasons to learn and share all I can about personal finance.