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Carlos Portocarrero

Striving to help people get more out of their jobs.

I have an MA in Writing, I've been blogging for two years at The Writer's Coin, I love writing/reading great fiction, and I taught myself pretty much everything I know about personal finance and investing.

My venture into personal finance began like so many others'—with Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad. While I don't agree with most of what Kiyosaki says (especially now), the book opened my eyes to the whole idea of managing your money and trying to make it work for you.

That led to other books on personal finance, which led to investing, which led to a bunch of really fantastic personal finance blogs. And after a while I thought to myself...I could do this. I should do this.

So I started The Writer's Coin, a place where I would blog about money, about writing, and occasionally about blogging.

My goal? To write stuff that's interesting. I'm not interested in writing about the best rates out there or how to save 30 cents a month by making your toilet more efficient. My goal is to become the Michael Lewis of money. That is, to make everything I write about as interesting and entertaining as possible.

If you don't know who Michael Lewis is, you better check yourself.