David Defranza's Bio

I have always loved traveling but I have never had the money to "do it right." Instead of waiting for an idealized financial future I have used a frugal lifestyle, both at home and when abroad, to make long trips possible with little money. I believe that, if you desire it, travel is possible on nearly any budget.

Though I never thought of my parents as frugal, I do remember my father chanting the mantra: "free is better than cheap." Along with this came encouragement to save my money and, when I reached middle school, to get a job. I guess I should have realized sooner that I was being raised to be careful with money.

At the same time I had always dreamed of traveling the world. I was enchanted by tales of historic adventures and different cultures. In high school I worked and saved to spend time in Europe. In university I studied the History of World Religions thinking that it would help me understand the people and cultures I would encounter abroad. It did that, but unfortunately has not led to a job that can fund a carefree, jet setting, lifestyle.

Instead, I have used my frugal tendencies to embark on long trips with relatively little money. Along the way I have learned a lot about frugal travel, usually after making costly mistakes.

In my posts I look to explore the rewards and benefits of frugal travel and also share some of the tips, tricks, and techniques I have picked up along the way.