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Elizabeth Lang

A writer, lawyer, & founder of Women's Money Week.

A Minnesota native and firm believer in four full seasons, Elizabeth is glad for her recent return to snow-blanketed Minneapolis.

She spent 4 years working at criminal justice non-profits in Washington, DC before quitting her job to explore Central and South America. While Elizabeth loves traveling, she's recently discovered a new adventure closer to home — tackling home improvement projects. She has yet to complete one without a necessary call to a professional — but perhaps the next one...

Elizabeth's personal finance interests include frugal travel, entrepreneurship, and DIY hacks. As a foodie, she is also found of tips and tricks for saving money on gourmet food.

Elizabeth could spend hours talking about (and/or eating) ice cream, and her dream job would involve sampling new flavors. While waiting for that job to land on her doorstep, she's pursuing other interests as an attorney in Minneapolis.

Elizabeth can be found on the tennis court or walking along the river with her wife, Kimberly, her 18 month-old son William, and their dogs, Murphy and Sadie.

Don't forget to check out the sites she's co-founded: Go Green Travel Green and Women's Money Week.

Opinions expressed are Elizabeth's personal views and not those of her employer.