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GE Miller is fighting for financial freedom at 20somethingfinance.com.

Founder and author at 20somethingfinance.com.

I created 20somethingfinance.com a few years ago as a fun little hobby. Today, it has become the motivating force behind my scrappy fight for financial freedom.

My goal is to 'retire' as soon as possible. Now, I'm not talking about laying on a beach in the Carribean somewhere, sipping a martini (although that sounds pretty nice at the moment). I'm talking about having the financial stability and freedom to do whatever work I choose, to follow my passions, and to not be dependent on a 9-to-5 for the remainder of my productive years.

Is that so much to ask for? I don't think so. And I hope that if you desire the same thing, you see it as a very real possibility as well.

I have a plan to get there. It may not be flawless, and I'm sure I'll fall on my face along the way, but my writing will be geared towards the execution of that plan, and hopefully it will bring us both one step closer to that ultimate goal.

20somethingfinance.com was recently chosen as the best money blog by Kiplinger for twenty-somethings.