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I've mostly enjoyed my life and career until now. Stay tuned.

Experience? Journalist by trade, writer by choice, right and blood. Experience? Well, 35 years and counting.


Been to every habitable continent but Australia. Have worked in LA, New York, DC, London, Shanghai, and Hong Kong at several points in the sordid career. Have called New York, LA, Chicago, Richmond, VA, Washington D.C. and Baltimore, New Mexico and Kansas City, Mo. home at one point or another. 

And I have been throwing darts and pretending to know about business, finance, technology or all three when writing as a journalist for nearly 15 years. Been a consumer -- both good and horribly bad -- for twice as long. Had money, lost money, earned money, blew money. Been frugal, been wasteful. Still growing -- financially, intellectually and emotionally. Not so much physically, kind of as tall as I'm going to get and as big as I'm going to get unless I stop exercising.


Jabulani Leffall, 35, is an award-winning journalist and writer who attended Journalism School at the University of Missouri. His work has appeared in the Financial Times of London, Dow Jones Marketwatch, The Baltimore Sun, Investor's Business Daily, Variety, CFO Magazine, Compliance Week, Redmond Magazine, Black Enterprise, Black Web 2.0, the Los Angeles Business Journal and the Los Angeles Daily News among other publications.

He was a George Washington Williams Fellow for the Independent Press Association where from 2002 to 2004 he studied the effects of subprime lending on poor communities. After what happened in 2007 and 2008, he feels vindicated as a journalist for having called what was going to happen but saddened as an investor for not capitalizing off the calamities of others.

What else? Oh yeah, he also contributed vital research to the 1998 book University of Missouri History Professor Robert E. Weems, which is titled "Desegregating the Dollar."

Additionally, he has appeared numerous times on ABC World News and CNN as a commentator of business and world affairs, again pretending to know what the heck he is talking about. Mr. Leffall is currently Associate Editor, then Assistant Managing Editor of FactSet Research Systems' News and Media group where he is in charge of collaborating with other financial journalists who make ambiguous forecasts as they try to make sense of this crazy world.

He is also still trying to get his Google link count game up, writing for beer and generic happy hour whiskey money by contributing articles periodically to numerous publications and media companies. Some are those mentioned above, while the guerilla and gorilla stuff can be found at TheSimon.com and of course, right here at Wisebread.

Currently he is the host of Central Standard, a general interest radio talk show on KCUR 89.3 FM, a super-regional National Public Radio member station based in Kansas City. The show reaches listeners in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Northern Arkansas. He interviews local, regional, national and international businessmen, artist, writers, bloggers, normal people and sometimes accused murderers and people who edit magazines about Ferrets. You can catch the show in Mongolia, Brussels, Toronto, Paris and the Gobi and Sahara Deserts if you have Internet access and listen to the show on KCUR.org or podcast the show.

Lastly for info on exactly where Mr. Leffall lives and who he lives with, never mind. He resides at all times in a four-cornered room where he stares at candles and his mind plays tricks on him. Read his articles and blogs and listen to his radio program please lest he go completely mad.



UNAUTHORIZED Auto-BIOGRAPHER who refers to himself in the third person.