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Janey Osterlind

I am twentysomething careerist growing my career while paying down debt!

Who Am I?

No, this isn’t some existential question. I am a twentysomething. I graduated from high school in the Midwest, certain that I wanted to be a journalist, and went to one of the best journalism schools in the country. Unfortunately, I pretty quickly decided that journalism wasn’t for me. I was fairly skeptical of the “higher calling” mentality that many of the j-schoolers had and decided that I positively did not want to be a journalist when I was in a lecture one day and my professor referred to journalists as “keepers of truth.” I am way to cynical for that nonsense.

I subsequently decided that I wanted to be an ad man (ad woman, technically), and graduated with my advertising degree. I soon discovered, though, that although I am quite creative, I have no patience for those super creative types who sit around and think of ideas all day. So, it was back to school: this time for my MBA in management. I loved it. Absolutely thought it was the best thing in the world. I now want to work in management consulting and run a company someday. And my roundabout journey through school left me uniquely equipped to do that, thanks to my experience in both the creative and financial worlds and my knowledge of management.

So Why Do I Blog?

I blog so I can share with you my experiences of what it’s like to start my climb up the career ladder while paying down debt. I write about my personal experiences and about articles I read. Writing also helps me to process experiences—putting experiences into logical sentences helps me pick out the lessons.


So there you have it. A little something more about this twentysomething careerist. I hope this little bit of context helps you enjoy my posts even more.