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Kate Luther

Living life out loud... one adventure at a time.

I'm a freelance writer with kids so my skills for living frugally are well-sharpened. As for professional experience, I spent many years in my previous life collecting paychecks for things like number crunching, stock option management and creating brilliant marketing campaigns for other people's products. A city girl born and raised, it was the only life I had ever known.

But a few years ago, we picked up our family and moved out into the country and I mean waaay out into the country. And amazingly, I love it  I've discovered the beauty (and frugality) of growing your own food. I've learned the importance of making a grocery list because the store is a good 15 miles away so there's no zipping back when you realize you forgot milk or bread. The closest fast-food joint is about the same distance so we cook a lot more now instead of eating out.

And you know what?

I've never been more content. And then I realized that this was just the beginning.

I've always been a firm believer in creating your own reality and so I decided to start creating mine. I've done "normal"... now I want to do "amazing." And I invite you to join me.

Some of the posts I'll write here deal with tangible things like money and jobs, while others dive into the more etheral topics such as finding your purpose and living your dream. The good news is that you CAN do both - live a financially responsible life and still explore all the gifts that the Universe has to offer. It's true - there are ways to make money and still feed your spirit.