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attempts to have a full family and artistic life without being cubicled








Born and sometimes raised in Los Angeles, California, Maggie slowly came to realize she was a Northerner and defected in the mid 90s where she felt things were a bit slower paced and the air cleaner.

She was greatly influenced during her gen X childhood in West Germany in the early 80s by the idea that bombs would be falling on her head any moment and that the world would have to start over. This caused her a certain amount of dedication to learning how to make her own everything: soap, candles, food, etc. While traveling teaching English in Asia, she vowed to never tie her income to any given local economy again and began online teaching and freelance writing at the turn of the century. It became a perfect match for when she became a stay at home mother a few years back.

She lives in a small hamlet that has more churches than bars. She knows how to make quite a few things from scratch and without going to a store. She can make teas from what she finds in the woods behind the house. She earns a living from many places not tied to the local economy. Plus, with a solid backing of fans around her to admit this: she makes the best chocolate chip cookies. Ever.

Besides blogging, Maggie (as Margaret) writes fiction and poetry. Some of her work is available at the links below.  In early 2011 one of her short stories was a Glimmer Train Finalist. In 2008 her unpublished manuscripted 605 Freeway Stories won 2nd place in the 34th Annual National Latino/Chicano Literary Award given by University of California, Irvine. Many of the stories have since been published individually.

Currently Maggie teaches, writes, and DJs at Plumas Community Radio where she hosts a music show called Milkshake & Honey.