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Margie Fishman

Consumer affairs freelancer, frugalista, company watchdog

I am an experienced print journalist and slightly OCD bargain hunter. I have covered politics, development, features and education, but consumer affairs reporting is my first love. My credits include National Geographic, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Newsday, among many other publications. I also volunteer for consumer advocate Clark Howard's Consumer Action Center here in Atlanta. I live on a lake with my husband, a recovering journalist, and our hound dog, Ernie Pyle. I began my journalism career covering city government, but what interested me most was the budgeting process and fiscal accountability. As a freelance writer, I cover a mix of higher education, lifestyle stories, hard news and consumer reporting.  I am also a RIVA-trained focus group moderator and qualitative research report writer. In every story, I strive to capture a nugget of humanity.