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Philip Brewer

A full-time writer after 25 years working as a software engineer.

I've got a BA in economics from Earlham College, but from 1981 until 2007 I worked as a software engineer for various companies. My wife and I are both frugal by inclination, and I've always found investing to be interesting, so a lot of my posts are on frugality and investing. I speak Esperanto, and use it in international communication.


Philip Brewer has a BA in economics from Earlham College, but worked for twenty-five years as a software engineer. Preferring to work as a writer, he chose to enable that by living frugally. He did well enough that, when the site where he worked shut down, he was able to give up working a regular job. For nine years now, he has made ends meet from the return on the capital he'd accumulated while working, his income from writing, and just lately (much to his surprise) by working as a tai chi instructor.