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Sasha A. Rae

I’m a writer with an eye for a good bargain.

I have a passion for wordcraft and I’ve spun that into an exciting career. I’ve written stories, articles, blog posts, and media critiques for news organizations, non-profits, and online publications. I’ve also crafted websites, emails, brochures, and direct mail pieces for companies and organizations in various industries. And I worked full-time at Google writing articles on how to use their products.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television Production and a Master’s degree in Communication and Society.

A writer and adventurer at heart, I find a story no matter where I go and an adventure no matter where I am. I’ve done things like hostel solo through the Canadian Rockies, work as a Peace Corps volunteer in western China, rock climb in South Korea, and bask on the beaches of Bali. And I’ve written stories about it.

Making my dollar stretch is another passion of mine and I always find a good bargain wherever I am. I love to share what I find with other people.