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I run two money blogs full-time: The Digerati Life and The Smarter Wallet.

I picked up my first personal finance book in 1989 and have since made saving and investing a priority, along with pursuing a career in technology. I have been an investor through 3 recessions (the first one being the very short 1990 Iran-Kuwait war induced slowdown) and have also been a spectator and "survivor" of the dot com bubble and subsequent bust. I have worked my way through an 18 year career in the fast-paced, VC-infested world of Silicon Valley, have continued to support an entrepreneurial spouse who won't say "No" to start-up opportunities and have just begun a new phase as a small business owner in the realm of web publishing.

These days, I'm juggling two blogs The Digerati Life (on personal finance) and The Smarter Wallet (on consumer topics), doing some freelancing work in both software development and financial writing, and am marginally involved with my husband's start-up, a product recommendation site called For a short while, I was also the interim blog editor for a personal finance web software company but since then have been working as a content editor for a few others.

Besides immersing myself in finance and technology, I'm also your typical mom who enjoys raising her two children and living with her own LOLcat. :)

But as far as my online undertakings are concerned, I thoroughly enjoy the financial exchanges I have with readers and seek to learn and share knowledge with you as I continue along this new path as a financial blogger.