Ramen, miracle food

Ramen inventor, Momofuku Ando, died last Friday at the ripe old age 96. That's older than any U.S. president has lived. Maybe the instant ramen has more nutritional value than we previously thought.

Regardless of what you think of ramen, it certainly deserves a place among the greatest inventions of humanity. According to the New York Times,

Ramen noodles have earned Mr. Ando an eternal place in the pantheon of human progress. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Give him ramen noodles, and you don’t have to teach him anything.

Here are some of the best ramen related sites out on the Interweb:

The Official Ramen Homepage (run by Matt Fisher) is THE place to go for ramen recipes. Readers submit their own personal twists to the classic ramen, including odd, but tasty sounding, recipes like:

The Ramen Blog, written by edjusted, is dedicated to fresh ramen and other ramen-related news. Regarding his blog, edjusted says,

I like ramen! I’m not a connoisseur and I’m not much of a writer, but I know what I like and this is my attempt to describe the what and why of my encounters with the ramen world.

He may not be a writer, but there are plenty of mouth-watering pictures of hot steamy noodles (see picture). Mmmm, food porn.

Speaking of food porn....


If ramen was an integral part of your life back then (or now, even), I like the tribute Tannazie of all kinds of yum suggests (really cool foodie blog, by the way):

Shell out a dime and pick up a pack of Top Ramen. And pour out some broth for our homie Momofuku.

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Will Chen's picture

Ha ha. I guess he is important enough that we should have two stories about him. I wrote one called "Just Add Water for Ridiculous-Delicious" but I'll let you guys have the glory.... this time.

Paul Michael's picture

My wife spent several years in Okinawa, and has a real fondness for Ramen noodles. I dare say most of us thrifty spenders have loved those cheap and cheerful noodles at some point (I wouldn't have survived college without them). Thanks again Mr Ando.