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Night Biking: Get Set Up to Ride the Night Away

An evening bike ride can be one of summer's greatest pleasures. Learn how to get set up for biking at night.

Herbal Supplements: Know What You’re Getting!

Herbal supplements can be great health boosters, but figuring out which ones are best can be difficult. Here are some tips on how to find out.

Super Solid Yoga Tricks to Help You Relax

I'm all about the short spurts of yoga exercises to help me relax and get focused on my inner core.

5 Happening Places to Hit Up in Estelí, Nicaragua

For an awesome winter vacation spot, head for the Nicaraguan highlands, filled with food, wildlife, and friendly people.

3 Stellar Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

Sometimes we know we want to make a change, but we need help to make it happen. Enter the life coach!

The Best Cheap Winter Workout Spots

The weather is getting cold, but don't let your exercise routine lag. Find out where you can get a cheap workout this winter.

Fun and Cheap Ways to Get Creative When You’re Bored

Tired of your humdrum routine and feeling sapped of all creative energy? Try out these inexpensive tips to get your creative juices flowing.

Getting Your Greens on the Road: How to Eat Well While Traveling

Eating right while traveling can be hard, especially when you’re visiting places that revere fried foods above all. Here's how you can eat well on your trip.

Border Crossings by Bus: How to See More of the World for Less

You’ve rolled on out to a new place, hooked yourself into the local culture and picked up a few pertinent catch phrases in the local lingo. Now you’re itching to see

Low Cost Medical Clinics That Can Help Boost Your Health

Check out some different options for meeting your health care needs without breaking your budget.

In Search of Silence: 4 Ways to Get Peace and Quiet

Sometimes all you need is a moment of silence to gather your thoughts. But out in the world, serenity can be in short supply. Here's where to find the quiet you crave.

6 Happy Hostels to Hit in California and Nicaragua (Reviews)

You’re on your way to places as yet unknown and, while you’re down with the wing-it plan, you still like to book a few rooms in advance. Here’s a round-up of s

The Work Exchange Way to See the World

You’re ready to hit the trails, but your bank account isn’t having it. Luckily, there are a few -- mostly cost-free -- ways to see the world. 

Teach Your Way Around the World

You want to see the world, but don’t seem to have the funds for it. But what if you could work your way around the world instead? With a few tips clues on how to get ready and w

5 Ways to Learn a Language

Hitting the trails sans any foreign language skills can be no fun. Why not brush up on the basics at home and for free before you head out? Check out these tips on where to find fr

5 Essential Travel Tools

Getting ready to get your grunge travel on? You can't miss by taking these wholly functional tools.

Fantastic Phone Services for People on the Go

There are so many options for staying hooked up phone-wise whether you’re at home or on the road, especially if you tend to bounce between places that have different cell phone cov

Where to Publish Your Travel Stories

You’ve rolled on out of town. You’ve seen the sights both on and off the beaten path and chatted with the locals. You’ve even learned a bit of the local language and culture. For s

Books Are the Bomb: Where to Get Them

You’re itching to expand your collection of books into a veritable library of tales and tomes. In fact, every stroll through a bookstore leaves you yearning for your own set of sto

Truly Offbeat Budget Travel Tips

The new year is upon you and travel beckons. Only your budget is telling you no. But there are ways to squeeze more out of your money and to find truly free activities and sights t