Save Money on Baby Goodies With Daily Deal Websites

Every parent knows that buying baby goods can wipe out a budget faster than you can say, "It's a Girl!" Setting up a nursery, buying a stroller, bottles, clothes, pacifiers, blankets, and more can cost a good chunk of change, and that's before you buy any of the everyday things, like soap, shampoo, diapers and wipes. By the time you're done, you've spent a fortune on the little cutie pie.

If you want to buy items that are more than just functional, you'll have to spend even more. Sure, there are a lot of cool gadgets and gizmos that make life with a little one easier or more fun, but the thought of spending even more money makes some parents feel slightly ill.

For web-savvy parents, though, there are several baby-oriented "Daily Deal" sites (think does smiling, squealing infants) that can help you get some of these fun items for a price much less than what you'd pay in the store. And sometimes, they even have baby staples, so you can save money on things you'll use every day.


BabyHalfOff looks specifically for items and brands that parents love. Recent items include everything from lunchboxes to Wikki Stix, diaper bags, tutus, and more. With a smattering of items from brands you know and even more from ones you haven't discovered yet, there's always something more to see at BabyHalfOff. Sure, you won't want to purchase every item that comes across your screen, but you'll probably find more than one that you want. At 50% or more off of regular retail price, you're more likely to be able to afford them, too.

Bonus: BabyHalfOff keeps an archive page, where you can continue to order an item until it's out of stock. While some Daily Deal sites make you wait until they put the item up for sale again or clear out their stock, BabyHalfOff will let you access and order yesterday's deal until it's gone.


BabySteals is very similar to BabyHalfOff, though they tend to focus on higher end items or items from well-known brands. While they offer fewer indie brands than BabyHalfOff, they tend to feature tried-and-true items that have sold well in the past or that parents couldn't get enough of. They occasionally feature maternity items as well, so both mom and baby can be pampered for 50-80% off retail price.

BabySteals doesn't have an archive page like BabyHalfOff, but they do sell off any extra stock from the previous week on the weekends, sometimes offering more than one deal each day. If you miss something, there's often another chance if you keep your eyes peeled all weekend.


EcoBabyBuys adds an interesting twist to the Daily Deal game. In addition to highlighting brands and items that parents love, they work with companies that produce eco-friendly, non-toxic, free-trade items. Like the sites mentioned above, they offer one deal each day and sell it until the day ends or the deal is gone.

Parents concerned about the chemicals their infants are exposed to will be relieved to find a site like EcoBabyBuys. Not only are the deals awesome, but the items are free of the toxins that can be found in most baby things.


MamaBargains is not a traditional Daily Deal site. Instead of offering just one deal every day, they offer one deal until it's gone, then another and another and another. Depending on how fast items go, they can end up putting any number of items up for sale in a day. This means even more chances to score a great deal, and more items available for purchase. They often have big-ticket items by name brands, and you won't get these things for any less than this site offers.

MamaBargains also offers maternity and nursing items pretty regularly, so moms in need should keep an eye out. If you're wavering on a particular item and want some more time, check the status bar next to each item. It will give you some idea as to whether you need to buy now or if you can take your time.

For Older Kids

If you don't have babies anymore, there's no need to feel left out. KidSteals is a sister site to BabySteals, and they feature items for toddlers and preschoolers. KidsWoot offers items for kids of all ages in the traditional Woot! style.

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I think this illustrates a good point. We as adults do not need much "stuff". Babies and children, on the other hand , need lots of stuff!

Even if you can get a free toy that your baby will play with for a few weeks and forget about, at least that's one less thing you' ll have to buy.

My son is 3 now, but I wish I knew of these sites when he was an infant, I would have taken advatnage of all of them.

Guest's picture

I also love It seems like new sites spring up daily. A few newer ones include,, and (maternity). Baby Earth's GaGa Deals ( are also a lot of fun, since the price drops by the minute until the deal is done or the item has sold out.

Some of the baby deal sites have better reputations than others. I've found it helpful to check the site's Facebook page for shopper feedback.

Sarah Winfrey's picture

Awesome additions to the list, Angie. I should have mentioned that I was only reviewing some of the larger and better known of these type of websites, but that there are definitely more out there. I hadn't even heard of Olivia Place before, so my personal thanks for highlighting it here.

Guest's picture

I also make sure I'm updated with baby product contests. One that has just recently been launched is the baby toy contest -

It just takes minutes to join and saves me dollars if I win, I have won a few from baby blogs so I'm really crossing my fingers on this one, too.