SaveUp Giving Away $1000 to Wise Bread Readers

Editor's note: The contest has ended! Congratulations to Adena DeMonte ($500 SaveUp prize), Dianne ($400 Comment Prize), and MCJunkie ($100 Twitter Prize). Please respond to us within 3 business days. For more giveaway goodness, check out SaveUp's new TurboTax giveaway this month!

Most rewards programs try to get you to spend money. Wouldn’t it be great if a program actually rewards you for saving money instead?

That’s the innovative idea behind SaveUp, a free program that rewards consumers with SaveUp credits when they do something good, like adding money to their savings accounts or paying off their debt. The credits can be used to win a ton of cool prizes, like a new Prius, a Hawaii vacation, or a life-changing $2 million jackpot.

At Wise Bread, we’re all about giving you the best financial tips to live large on a small budget. So now, why not get rewarded for all your hard work and have a little fun at the same time?

That’s why Wise Bread and SaveUp have teamed up to help you stay motivated with your 2012 financial goals. SaveUp is giving away $1,000 exclusively to Wise Bread readers and 200 free bonus credits to anyone who join SaveUp via Wise Bread.

How to Enter:

We have three different prizes ($500, $400, $100) for three different contests. You can enter all three to increase your chances of winning.

1. Exclusive Wise Bread Prize on SaveUp: $500

SaveUp wants to keep you motivated and reward you for your good financial actions with a special $500 prize  exclusive to Wise Bread readers only. To enter:

  • Join SaveUp via this link (this is 100% free), and
  • Go to SaveUp's homepage, click on the “Wise Bread Prize” and then on the “Play Now” button. You’re all set!

As a bonus, anyone who signs up using our link during the contest period will also get 200 free game credits. 200 credits will give you 20 different chances to win a ton of cool prizes.

2. Leave a Comment: $400 Prize

To enter the comment contest, leave a comment below answering this question: What motivates you to save? (Or if you’re not saving, why not?)

Your comment must be at least two sentences long to qualify. You can enter one comment per day.

3. Twitter Entry: $100 Prize

To enter the Twitter contest, simply:

You may tweet once per day.

Contest Details:

  • Contest ends Monday, March 12 at 11:59 pm Pacific. Winners are randomly selected. Winners will be announced after March 19th on the original post. Winners will also be contacted via email. Winners have 3 business days to respond. If you do not respond within 3 days we reserve the right to select new winners.
  • You must be 18 and US resident to enter. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. Prizes may be distributed as Amazon, Visa, or MasterCard gift cards.
  • You can enter all three contests to increase your chances of winning. But you can only win one prize.

How to Spend Your 200 Free Credits

SaveUp prizes are mostly lottery-style instant scratcher games. Each prize costs 10 credits to play. So with 200 free credits you can play 20 times! Personally I like to go for the prizes with the highest values. For example, these are my favorite:

SaveUp has some other great prizes that can fulfill awesome fantasies:

Join via this link and get your free 200 credits today.

About SaveUp

Here’s a message from our contest sponsor:

Unlike traditional rewards programs that focus on driving consumer spending, SaveUp rewards users for performing positive financial actions, such as contributing to their savings or retirement accounts; paying down their credit cards, mortgages or other loans; and engaging with SaveUp’s financial education content on the site.  Americans who bank at more than 18,000 US financial institutions nationwide can register their financial accounts on SaveUp and immediately begin earning SaveUp credits every time they save money or pay down their debts. The credits users earn can be redeemed for chances to win instant prizes and entries into weekly and monthly drawings.

SaveUp’s prizes range from the exciting (retail gift cards, consumer electronics) to aspirational (luxury vacations, home or wardrobe make-overs) to life-changing (a new car, money for college tuition, debt pay-off, or a $2 million jackpot).

In addition to making SaveUp fun and rewarding, we employ bank-level encryption to make sure our program is safe and secure for our users.


SaveUp's Special Tax Season Rewards

During this tax season, SaveUp wants to reward you for filing your taxes with the opportunity to win great prizes sponsored by TurboTax.

How it works:

1.     File your FREE Federal Return with TurboTax

2.     Log in to SaveUp and enter your TurboTax order number (Top right side of the page)

3.     Automatically get entered into six $1,000 drawings

4.     Earn 500 SaveUp credits (In addition to the 200 you earned as a Wise Bread reader) 

Use your credits for the opportunity to win great prizes:

  • $10,000 “Double Your Tax Refund” sponsored by TurboTax

  • $10,000 “Pay My Taxes” sponsored by TurboTax

  • Vacations, cars, electronics, and cash up to $2 Million

Ready to win some prizes? Remember you have 3 ways to enter!

  • Leave a comment below answering the question: What motivates you to save? (Or if you’re not saving, why not?)

Good luck!

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Guest's picture

When I see savings adding up, it feels like getting a gold star did, back in grade school. :) The more money I have in savings, the more money I want to save! Not only am I proud of myself that I kept from spending that money on something frivolous, but it also adds peace of mind that I have a "rainy day fund" as well.

Guest's picture

I'm sad because I already have an account with SaveUp so I don't think I can see the WiseBread game. Oh well. :(

I am motivated to save by the security it brings. I love that I don't have to worry about money - the more I save, the less I have to worry about my future. It helps me live a stress-free life.

Guest's picture

Security is my motivation to save. Saving allows me to be less afraid of job loss or injury.

Guest's picture
Lisa Garner

What inspires me to save is my need for security. I like having money set back for emergencies so that we can be prepared and not suffer financially. Also big events in life like my children going to college have inspired me to opening saving plans for them to help pay for some of their college expenses.

Guest's picture

I'm a person who likes to save, I don't have to have extra motivation. Just knowing I have it to use when I need it is motivation enough.

Guest's picture

We want to adopt a baby and that truly motivates me to save! I want to make sure I have all the resources we need to provide a safe and happy home for my child.

Guest's picture

I have 6 children and the mere thought of grocery expenses each month drives me to want to save. I clip coupons and go on line and search out coupons. I find friends who have gardens with too much veggies and I take some off their hands. I will wheel and deal where ever I can just to save a buck.

Guest's picture
Shannon S

I save so that I am ready for the future. You never know where you will go or what will happen to you and your family. I want to be prepared as best as I can, and for that I try and save my money.

Guest's picture

What motivates me to SAVE?! The most important and number thing that motivates me to SAVE is being a Mother and raising two beautiful children (a boy and a girl;). My hubby and I were never able to afford to go to college ourselves, nor did we have the support or guidance to help us find other means of going to college (FAFSA/scholarships, loans etc. which we now know;) so it has been my life's goal to help and to do whatever I can as a parent to help my children to have a brighter future by going to and finishing college. To earn a degree and start a career to have a better life for themselves and their future family. Our oldest (proud mama here;) has just graduated from nursing school and our youngest has just started his freshman program in Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Tech. We work daily to try to cut corners and tighten our budget to save and help them both achieve their goals. One down and one to go! Blessed in Michigan <3 @ciesla504

Guest's picture

I'm motivated to save because I have been diagnosed with health issues and the medicine is costly and at times, takes a toll on my budget. To help my family, I try to save in as many ways as possible so my health condition isn't a financial imposition.

Guest's picture

growing up poor and dealing with the stresses of not having money to make ends meet, let alone deal with emergencies

Guest's picture
Kathleen Conner

I'm motivated to save, because I had a period in my life whne my husband and I were starting a business, and spent everything we had, plus maxxed out credit cards. It was a very stressful time. I'd never lived like that before, and hope to never live that way again. Fortunately, our business was successful.

Guest's picture
Tamara M.

Right now I'm not saving anything because I'm in the home stretch of paying off a large amount of credit card debt (lesson learned!). Once that's done though, I plan on saving to build an emergency fund; I've been lucky so far and haven't needed one yet, but I don't want to take any more chances.

Guest's picture
John Billiris

I'm motivated to save, because my mother spent everything they made. Now she is in her 70's, has Alzheimers, and no savings or even equity on her house. I will never do this to my kids.

Guest's picture
Michelle Tucker

What motivates me to save is knowing that if I don't, I won't have anything later when it's time to retire. It's scary to think that there will be no Social Security later on, and I can't imagine not at least trying to take care of myself.

Guest's picture
Charity S

A college fund for my son. That's a strong motivation to make you save.

Guest's picture
Jill H.

What motivates me to save is that I have money to put into savings each month to provide for myself for the future and hopefully pass on to my son when I am gone.

Guest's picture
Justine Pierson

My children motivate me to save! I want them to have a better life than I have so I have to pay for them to take college or something else which will help them be successful! Each day I spend with them reminds me of the future

Guest's picture

Years of working as an intern and a fellow for no living wage motivated me to start saving as soon as I got a "grown up" job. Financial independence is such a freeing feeling!