Sayulita, baby!

By Sarah Winfrey on 22 January 2007 4 comments

sun and surf

The products of a frugal honeymoon, or proof that frugality doesn't have to be boring...



Clouds and Sun

Clouds and Sun

Surfing crowds



Margaritas! (at the end of a long, hard day in the water)


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Greg Go's picture
Greg Go

Congrats on a successful wedding and honeymoon! Sayulita looks pretty nice... and warm! What I would give for a giant margarita, the beach and a toasty hot sun right now!

I get a pretty big thrill finding a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves amazing food, but nobody else knows about it. Sayulita sounds like my kinda hole-in-the-wall vacation spot. :)

Will Chen's picture

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. You guys make an adorable couple. The shots of the beach are amazing. Looks like you pretty much had the place to yourself. And Dave's expression in the last picture--priceless! It's as if he's thinking "I just married a great woman AND I'm on a super awesome honeymoon, how do I get away with being so lucky?"

Guest's picture

The view from the balcony is very interesting.  What was going on down there?  Just regular street traffic?

Sarah Winfrey's picture

...the center of town, the "town square" area. I think there's a line of taxis there, and I think there was a street performer twirling flaming sticks beyond what you can see but possibly the cause of all the people being there.

Hi, Manny.