Scams: What the FTC Wants You to Know


Consumer scams are a dime a dozen (or in some cases, thousands of dollars a crime).  What are the red flags that you should always be on alert for?  Can even financially savvy spenders get sucked in?  What is the government doing to protect you?  We speak with the Federal Trade Commission to get the scoop -- directly from those who specialize in consumer awareness.


March 1-7th is National Consumer Awareness Week, and in case you weren’t aware, there is much you can do to protect yourself and those that you love against consumer fraud.  While there are so many constantly-evolving variations on common scams, the warning signs are actually pretty standard across the board.  Whether you are avoiding mortgage foreclosure, hoping to repair your credit, or are considering working from  home, there are steps you can take right away to keep from becoming another victim.


Alavaro Puig, a Consumer Education Specialist with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), shares his best tips for today’s economy on our next Blog Talk Radio show.  It airs tomorrow night at 8pm CST on the Wise Bread show page.  In addition to exposing common scams that are becoming common in recent months, he’ll give you timeless tips for avoiding the next scam (whatever that may look like.)  You’ll get up-to-date information on what the FTC is doing to help, and will learn how to file a complaint with the federal government and your local agency.


In the meantime, check out the website that was put up in conjunction with National Consumer Awareness Week.  You’ll find many useful tools and freebies, including:


There are also videos, reports, and short guides to topics covering banking, mortgages, fraud, and saving money.  It is a joint venture of many reputable consumer organizations, including the Better Business Bureau, the AARP, the Federal Communications Commission, and the United States Postal Service (among many more.)  To stay even more informed of all the breaking news the FTC has to offer, I would suggest subscribing to their RSS news feed at  (Click on “All Press Releases” for the most comprehensive information.)


Education is your best defense against consumer crime and scams!  We hope you’ll join us tomorrow night for this very informative show.

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