Share a Frugal Tip With Wise Bread and Get Featured in a Newspaper

Wise Bread blogger Sharon Harvey Rosenberg is also the author of the Frugal Duchess, a nationally syndicated column distributed by the McClatchy Company (the third-largest newspaper company in the United States).

Sharon would like to feature your great tips in her column!

Every Wednesday night, Sharon will be asking a frugality, personal finance, or traveling question in the Wise Bread forums.  I'll "sticky" her question so you can't miss it.  Just look for a thread started by Sharon (her forum name is "Frugal Duchess") titled "Reporter Query of the Week." 

If Sharon ends up using your idea for her column, she may quote you and point readers to your blog!

Sharon has mentioned Wise Bread several times in her column.  Each mention brought us tons of new readers and fantastic mainstream media exposure. 

If you like to see your name in print, have a blog to promote, or just want to share great ideas with the whole world, make sure you check the forums every Wednesday night for Sharon's weekly question.

Sharon's question for this week: 

What tricks, so-called specials and bogus discounts have you noticed at stores, malls or other vendors? What should shoppers watch out for?

If you have an answer, please share them with Sharon in the forum!

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