Shaw's Market Saves You Money On Gas

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Good news for those of us who shop for food and gas in the Northeast and Canada.

Shaw’s Market and Irving Oil are teaming up to save you money. In a recurring promotion for both retailers, Shaw’s Market will give you a coupon worth ten cents off every gallon of gas that you purchase at a participating Irving BlueCanoe, or Mainway Stations. The more groceries that you may need, the more you could potentially save.

Here’s how it works: for every $50.00 you spend on groceries, Shaw’s will give you a coupon worth ten cents off every gallon of gas at participating stations. If you spend $100.00, you’ll get twenty cents off, and $200.00 gets you forty cents off., and so on.

You’ll need a Shaw’s reward card, which is free and entitles you to weekly discounts on food. You will also need the card at the time that you redeem your gas coupon.

The discount applies to every gallon of gas you put into your car. And best of all, you can combine coupons, up to the cost of a gallon of gas. So, if you manage to collect $4.00 in coupons, your gas is essentially free. That is, of course, at least until the price of gas hits $5.00.

Currently they have a double rewards promotion whereby you get double the discount. So rather than ten cents, you get twenty for very $50.00 spent.

The promotion is going until May 22nd, and the coupons can be redeemed anytime between now and June 5th, 2008.

For more information about the promotion, as well as locations of participating stores and gas stations, check out the Shaw’s Rewards website.

Bear in mind, even though time is running out on the deal, Shaw’s and Irving have held this promotion several times in the past year and it stands to reason that they will do it again before too long.

And saving ten to forty cents (or even more!) a gallon is pretty significant, especially when you consider what gas prices are today.

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I'm not familiar with Shaw's Market, but in Pennsylvannia, the Giant Eagle chain that offers the same program. For every $50 you spend, its $0.10 savings at their associated gas station (GetGo).

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You're right -- I was just going to chime in and say that. I use my Giant Eagle savings card whenever I buy my groceries for the week, so I can obtain the sale prices, and I also rack up the fuel savings, which I give to my boyfriend, since I don't drive nearly as much as he does.

I think I saved him almost $1 per gallon the last time he filled up.

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My parents have been doing this. They work down-state where Shaws stores are available, but the discount coupons work at any Irving. So they use them when they have to make the long drive up here and gas up in the more expensive area.

They have been DIGGING those coupons!

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Safeway grocery stores have the same promotion going on, although they don't allow you to combine the discounts. You enter your Club Card number at the pump and the discount is granted.

Additionally, even when you don't have a coupon, using your Club Card gets you 3 cents off per gallon. It's not much, but every little bit helps!

The Safeway is a little further away from my house, but if I combine the grocery stop with the gas-up, it makes the most of the drive.

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Chris M

The important thing here, however, is to be smart. I have a Shaws near me, but it is more expensive than the other local supermarket.

If I spend $100 at Shaws, I get a 20 cent/gallon coupon. My car has a 14 gallon tank. That saves me $2.80 total if I fill it up. BUT if I go to the other supermarket, I know I will save more than $2.80 just on the cost of the groceries.

So... be smart! If you already shop at Shaws, then this is awesome. If you don't, then do the math first before you switch!

Fred Lee's picture

Hey Everyone,

Great points. It's important not to fall into the trap of spending money to save money. It just never works. I've been told Shaw's is more expensive, but here in Vermont, haven't completely found that to be the case. Then again, there are not as many options, and when you buy local/organic foods, then Shaws is definitely cheaper.

One thing to keep in mind, cheaper is not always better. Sometimes when you buy bargain basement meat and dairy you're getting what you pay for. Look no further than the recent recall of something like a million pounds of beef from an industrial meat producer in California because they were caught sending out bad beef (i.e., potential mad cow). That meat would probably have sold for bargain basement prices if it hadn't already been fed to school children.

As far as locality, I grew up on the West Coast and never once saw a Shaw's. I believe they are owned by Albertson's, which I was familiar with. 

Thanks for your comments and good luck with the savings.

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Kroger has been doing something similar in our community in the South.

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Kroger has been doing something similar in our community in the South.

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Buying 50 dollars worth of groceries to save ten cents on 4 dollar a gallon gas is not my idea of being frugal. You will probably overpay for the groceries and burn a gallon of gas just getting to the store and back.
IMHO, this is not a very frugal idea.

Fred Lee's picture
Fred Lee

The point being, you should never go and spend money on unneccessary groceries to get the gas savings. It just ain't worth it. But if you buy groceries regularly, especially if you have a family, dropping $50.00 is nothing. So why not save some money on gas if they'll give it to you?

As far as the actual savings, I agree that if you're saving ten cents/gallon, it adds up to a couple of dollars at most for a fill up. But keep in mind two things: first off, you can combine the coupons. So while one may be only worth ten cents, if you have ten of them, that's ten dollars for a fill-up.

And, secondly, if you were pulling into a gas station and the station across the street was charging ten cents less per gallon, wouldn't you go there instead? Of course you would.

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Anyone who has some coupon savvy and watches the ads can cash out big time at a store like Shaws (also Star Market and Albertson's). I am a family of two with two dogs. I regularly spend $50 a week on groceries and pet treats, etc, however the actual amount of stuff I bring home is equal to $100-150 retail. Because Shaws doubles coupons under .99 (up to six of the same coupon per order) I have found coupons which make items free to bump up my grocery total without costing me. I also buy pet treats and soda which I normally buy at Walmart from Shaws now when the price is equal or less. Walmart soda is up to almost 2.50/12 pack. Shaws ran a 5/$11 promotion so we bought there instead. Thats 1/5 the required minimum. Alot of the 10/$10 items can regularly be had for free with coupons as well. My Shaws is next door to Hannaford and down the street from Market Basket. I spend alot less at Shaws than anyone I know. My best friend spends $100+ a week on groceries for her and her husband and thats before she had to buy formula for their new baby. They shop at Market Basket which is supposedly the cheapest in the area.

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Hey i work at shaws and i have never even heard of this promotion?? sounds like simple minds at work. ( Im in Rhode Island )

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this program is a sham, fraud, a complete lie. i've now been to over 8 gulf gas stations in the north massachusetts, south new hampshire area and NONE of the stations will accept the shaw's gas promotion. in fact one station didn't even know what i was talking about. this is total fraud. if there are any lawyers out there, how do i start a lawsuit??


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Cape Cod Guy

I have checked with the Gulf Stations which honor the Shaws Gas Reward Program, but I never get the reward at the pump even when I swipe my Shaw's card as directed.
Today I was gypped again. Bought over $100 worth of groceries on July 24th, two weeks ago today. Checked on line to see my credit. It said I was eligible for 20¢ gallon credit as of today (August 7th), but also said my credit expired August 7th. If so, then the credit is good for only 13 days, not two weeks. I think the program may be deceptive, if not a fraud.