Shoddy PC repair tech caught in sting operation.

Fire PC

I don't know why, but I get some kind of perverse pleasure from watching scammers get caught in the act. Maybe it's the consumer watchdog in me? Anyway, in the UK there's a fabulous consumer show called House Of Horrors. This house has been specially constructed by the trading standards folks, and contains dozens and dozens of hidden cameras. It's a mousetrap for the crooked servicepeople, from washing machine repairmen to roofers and builders. There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

In this particluar episode I'm about to show you, they take a look at a very 'dodgy' PC repair technician. They set up a computer with a minor problem - a loose board. It's a 1 minute fix, if that. So here you can see what takes place in the first video, and then how the scammer gets caught out in the second. Isn't it great when payback bites you in the butt??

Photo by David Baker . Thanks.

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So... why didn't they call the police? Over-charging people for unnecessary repairs is one thing, but surely outright stealing PC parts would warrant an arrest.

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I've been in IT for 14 years now and sadly this sort of thing is not all that uncommon. Many of these low lifes are starting to give IT guys the same bad rep as auto mechanics.... I would recommend that you ask around and try to find someone who is recommended by somebody you trust. He/She may only be a 14 year old kid, but if they are honest and do good work, who cares?

On another note, I've supported my family in a comfortable lifestyle and been scrupulously honest. It's made me more money in the long run, I think.