SIX cool bar tricks that anyone can master.

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As some of you regular Wise Bread readers know, I’m a big fan of bar tricks, friendly hustles and harmless wagers. Well, as we’re approaching the peak of partying season I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the newest, coolest bar tricks I’ve picked up. And these ones are really easy to learn, even my dear old mom could do them.

I found a site called quite by accident and I was glued to it for over half an hour. I watched some of these videos over and over again to get the trick down cold.

Remember, no-one likes to be completely conned but these are all just a harmless bit of fun. Do it with your friends and co-workers and then let them in on the trick afterwards. They’ll be just as happy to learn the secret. You don’t even have to do any of these as a bet, they’re also great talking points when the conversation stalls.

What’s more, for you guys (and girls) looking for a way to break the ice with someone who catches your eye, magic tricks and bar bets are a nice easy way to get the conversation started. Enjoy.

1: Bill beneath the bottle (link )
Find out how to remove a bank note from beneath an empty beer bottle with tipping it over.


2: Magnetic Match (link )
How does the match move? The answer is static.


3: The hold & hit coin trick (link )
There are a few ground rules, but the answer is agonizingly simple.


4: The trapped bill (link )
How do you remove the trapped bill with letting the bottles fall? It’s a snap.


5: Lighter below the bottle (link )
Several ways to get the lighter out from under the bottle without letting it fall. Genius.


6: The coin memory bet (link )
My favorite of all, because it seems completely easy but is actually almost impossible in the time.

As always folks, drink responsibly. And don't go drinking and driving, either.

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Guest's picture

There are very few things that are less frugal than going to a bar. OK, smoking might be one.

Paul Michael's picture

Wise Bread is about "living large on a small budget." There is nothing quite as sad as missing out on the Holiday partying season. This way, you can join in the fun and have a few friends buy you some drinks with these wagers. Frugal is one thing, but being so tight with money that you don't have a social life is quite another. 

Amy B. Scher's picture

And you are right about missing out on a social life because of being too tight with your money - that doesn't do any good. That's actually when most people splurge and mess up their budget (or diet)......when they've deprived themselves of everything fun. Cheers!

Guest's picture

For me it is about how effectively I can use my small budget. Going to bar is a waste. There are a ton of other ways to socialize that cost much less.

Guest's picture

I can do #6 in three moves.

Paul Michael's picture

If I can go to a bar and have a few drinks bought for me, and spend a few hours chatting, then that works out at $0 for a good time. But if you know of something cheaper, (which I suspect means someone pays you to go out and have fun) then I'm absolutely all ears.