How to Get Free Publicity

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Everyone knows publicity is good for your business. After all, publicity:

  • Creates buzz
  • Positions you as an expert
  • Brings traffic to your site
  • Skyrockets subscriber sign-ups
  • Launches the heck out of a new product
  • Drives sales
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Establishes authority & credibility
  • Builds your platform
  • And much more…

But let's face it, professional publicists are an expense most small business owners can't afford. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get great publicity — for free? Well, you can. All you need is a little time and a lot of desire.

Here are six ways to get amazing publicity that won’t cost you a penny.

Social Media

More and more, media outlets are using Twitter and Facebook to find great sources for the stories they’re working on. Is there a magazine or TV news show you’d like to be featured in? Chances are, they’re on Twitter and Facebook, and once you “follow” them, you’ll see awesome shout-outs for sources like you.

Help a Reporter Out

Like for reporters and sources, HARO provides publicity-hungry sources with hundreds of media opportunities each day. All you need to do is sign up, get your HAROs and start pitching.

Guest Posts

Get your business in front of a whole new audience by guest posting on other people’s blogs. Check out Copyblogger for 10 tips on how to snag a guest post on an A-list blog.

Press Releases

Despite what some PR people say, the press release isn’t dead. Writing and distributing a press release can announce news, launch products, tweak your SEO and help you reach the media. has several free press release templates and lists 20+ free press release distribution sites.

Editorial Calendars

An editorial calendar shows the major editorial features planned for forthcoming issues of a newspaper or a magazine. Editorial calendars are traditionally used by the advertising department to sell advertising, but you can use them to increase your chances of getting featured in a publication.

Where can you find editorial calendars? Go to the publication’s website and look for a link or tab that says “Advertising” – it’s usually way down at the bottom of the website. Click on that and you’ll likely find rate information, closing dates and a “download editorial calendar” link. Download the editorial calendar and start hunting for publicity opportunities in the features they have planned!

Product Placement

Have you ever seen your favorite products being used in movies or TV shows? That’s called product placement and you can get your product placed, too! Sarah Shaw of Entreprenette has a genius free service called Instantly Famous Products that'll get your product on the big screen.

Much like HARO, Instantly Famous Products broadcasts queries from TV and movie producers looking for certain products – clothes, accessories, green items, food, bags, shoes, whatever. All you need to do is pitch your product and cross your fingers.

Publicity is a powerful way to boost your business. And as you can see, there are many fun and free ways to get it. So go get it!

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