Some of the Best Personal Finance Videos I've Found


While I can't post the actual videos because of copywrite issues, CNNs free money videos are positively inspiring. That is, they inspire to to understand more about money, how to save it, and how not to lose it. I know, I know...plugging CNN is more than a little cheesy. But give them (and me!) a chance before you walk away. Try out a video and let me know what you think.

Many money videos are so dry and boring that I end up thinking about something (anything!) else. My thoughts trail off until it's too late; I come back at a point where the introduction is over and I can't understand anything. Capital gains, eh? And those are...??!!?

But these videos? Much better. If you're new to thinking about personal finance or want a refresher, head over to Money 101. They cover the basics on everything from setting priorities and budgeting to choosing retirement plans and different sorts of insurance. While not at the tip top of excitement (no explosions, sorry!), they're not boring either and are stuffed full of information. If you're interested in hearing from the leaders of major companies, try C-Suite Strategies on for size. Their interviewees include the leaders of Best Buy and Fed-Ex, among others, all discussing financial matters like investing and entrepreneurship. Finally, there are all sorts of short features, from one that folows a clothing company through the start-up process to a review of driving the Lamborghini Murcielago roadster. Check them all out here .

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