"Stapler. Stapler." - FREE $20 Swingline Stapler

Photo: Pro-Zak

If you're a fan of Office Space (shame on you if you're not) you will know of Milton's obsession with his Swingline stapler. Well, in exchange for about 2 minutes of your time, Swingline.com will give you a $20 stapler for free. Now that's a deal that would make Milton drool all over his TPS reports.

Just visit Swingline.com via this link and complete a very brief point 'n' click survey about a new tool kit they're developing. Then enter your name and address. They will ship you a Swingline Optima Desk Stapler, worth about $20, absolutely free.


I couldn't find any details of when this offer expires, so jump on it soon. (Color may vary from the image shown...if you're lucky, you may get a red one).

NOTE: Due to many people clearly interested in getting Milton's red stapler, you can find the exact model right here at Amazon, a trusted site.

Milton Stapler
Swingline Collectors Edition 747® Business Stapler in Rio Red - The Red Stapler (S7074736E)

Additional photo credit: Swingline
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Lynn Truong's picture

I have a weakness for office supplies, so I'm very happy to see this offer. Thanks, Paul!

Guest's picture

I'm excited about this! I don't have a stapler anymore. I used to have a mini one, but it got lost. Can't wait for mine to show up in the mail!

Paul Michael's picture

I'm a sucker for supplies, too. And Swingline staplers are solid, and well designed.

Guest's picture

*deep inhale* I'm going to have to thank you for that.



Guest's picture
Michelle Foster

The survey doesn't say we'll get a stapler. I really hope we do, but it only says a "gift."

here's hoping. I can never find my stapler when I need it.

Guest's picture

am I the only one who added an extensive list of things I'd like to see in the toolkit in the extra space?

Paul Michael's picture

On the first page, where you enter your email address.

Swingline is interested in your thoughts on a new idea. This survey will take 3 minutes or less to complete and as a thank you, we would like to send you a FREE Swingline Optima Desk Stapler, worth over $20!

Thank you, in advance, for your time.
Sincerely, Swingline's Product Marketing Team


Guest's picture

I hope I get a red one. I hope I get a red one. I hope I get a red one. :-)

Staples quit carrying the red Swingline ones.

Guest's picture

You can get a red swingline stapler here

Guest's picture

I, too, am hoping for a red one. I asked for one for graduation (computer science major!) but my mom didn't know Office Space and bought me a very nice, very functional - and very burgundy - stapler.

In the extras, I wanted a fabric stain remover (like Tide-to-Go) and a USB flash drive. You can get the small ones pretty cheap and they're super handy for quick'n'dirty file transfers.

Paul Michael's picture

They sell them on eBay, about $20 inc. shipping.
(That link will stop working when the auction ends). I'll also put a link in the main article to the exact one Milton uses, available from trusted site Amazon. That's for those who would rather pay and guarantee a red one. 

Guest's picture

I am just moving into my new office and am looking for office supplies. Thanks for the link!

Guest's picture

So, you're saying more flair??

Guest's picture

Has anyone actually received the free stapler yet???

Guest's picture

I clicked on the link and it says, "Thank you for visiting the Swingline Tool Kit Item Survey
The Survey ended at 11:59:59 AM (CST) on 4/4/2008."

Oh well...I wanted to try and get one too! Too late for me! :(

Guest's picture

This offer expired on 4/4/2008 at midnight. :0(

Guest's picture

I completed the survey on time, but I never got my stapler. Bummer.

Guest's picture
Lisa Kay

I completed the survey before the 4/4/08 deadline, but never received my stapler, nor any kind of response from the company.

Did anybody receive their stapler?

[This needs a follow-up story, btw.]

Lisa Kay

Guest's picture

I filled out the whole survey very diligently--but they never sent me a stapler. We're being ripped off. We filled out the survey in good faith, spending all that time reading the questions and clicking on our responses. But they, apparently, lied to us!

I either want my stapler or for them to stop using the data I produced for them. But preferably the stapler.

Where can I write to these folks? This is an outrage!

Guest's picture

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Guest's picture
Samantha Dreiling

The link is not working and when I go to swingline.com or acco.com, I cannot find this promotion. I believe it may be over.