Stay Focused: 300+ Tips for Staying Focused

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I don't know about you, but for me, spring brings out the worst in my ability to focus. When the weather turns sunny all I want to do is be outside. My basement renovation project gets pushed aside for garden work. Library studying turns into less-than-productive patio studying. Of course, the upside is that I no longer have to try to drag myself into the snow and ice for exercise as I'm much more inclined to head out for a long walk or run.

Despite my desire to pursue outdoor projects and work outside, there are some things I just need to stay focused on and finish up.

So what are the best ways to stay focused? I pulled together some of my favorite posts from around the web.

Get Motivated to Focus

Sure, it may sound strange that you have to first be motivated to say focused, but it's true. To finish a project you have to force yourself to start on the project before you can actually stay focused to work on it. Here are some great sources of motivational tips and tricks:

Zenhabits has 16 motivational tips.

Scott Berkun writes about what motivates him.

ABA net has 10 tips for motivation that apply to any profession.

Pick the Brain offers 21 ways to increase motivation.

The 99 Percent offers simple but practical motivation advice.

Planting Dollars lists several motivational videos .

Quick Sprout shares 101 motivational business quotes.

Nora Dunn tells you 100 way to change your life.

Once You're Motivated, Stay Focused

Once you're motivated to keep working on a project what is the best way to stay focused? These experts offer some of their favorite advice:

Location Independent Living describes how to stay focused on the goal.

Sara Winfrey reminds you to look within to be able to finish something hard.

Dave Cheong details 11 ways of staying focused.

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur gives focus tips from 63 other people.

Dumb Little Man's 9 practical tips will help you focus.

Almost Fearless brings 5 tips for working in the midst of chaos.

Just Do It

Instead of linking to hundreds of other tips telling you to just get get started and stay focused, I'm going to offer the 1 ultimate tip. Suck it up, take a deep breath, and power through until you're done.

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300+ Tips for Staying Focused

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Will Chen's picture

I've tried the 20 minute exercise Nora recommended in her article.  It is a great motivator and a lot of fun.

Guest's picture

I think my problem is more of staying focused and just seeing that path through. I think I am more than motivated enough - it's just that sometimes I lose sight of the goal. I can't stop thinking or daydreaming of what I want to do that sometimes I forget actually doing them. Talk about getting distracted. Thanks for this post for the reminder!

Guest's picture

Just do it is right. As Yoda has said "Do or do not. There is no try."